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The Spring Cleaning tour is still going on!


First, we focused on the care and maintenance of outdoor environments  and then we focused on indoor solutions moving onto the topic of floor cleaning.


Now we will tackle the matter of window cleaning, which for many businesses may be considered a challenge! In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish: simply removing the dirt is not enough, you have to avoid dripping, scratches, streaks and detergent residues, and the result is not always satisfactory.

How to clean windows, mirrors, tiles and vertical surfaces without leaving marks

There are many different ways to clean windows, from using newspaper to wiping them down with a cloth soaked in ammonia.


As already pointed out in one of the previous post on this topic “Professional cleaners cannot just rely on grandma’s advice! And because of the way dirt moves around on glass, it creates a static charge that attracts new dust and dirt. So as soon as we think we have finished, the window looks dirty again.”


For excellent and long-lasting results, it is best to use professional equipment such as washers and squeegees, which can make surfaces shine and leave them free of marks and annoying streaks.


Now let’s discover some of the professional solutions that IPC offers to their Partners.


IPC has a complete solution for window cleaning. We are talking about the Unihandle, the innovative ergonomic handle that washes and cleans, considerably reducing the time normally required for cleaning windows. Unihandle cleans surfaces perfectly as it combines a pad, a squeegee and an abrasive part for stubborn stains. By adding a simple blade it becomes a unique and very effective scraper.


Simple, quick and easy to handle, the solutions in the Cleano range are designed to solve your window cleaning needs and much more! It is equipped with anodised aluminium telescopic poles to easily get to hard-to-reach areas, up to 6 metres from the ground. With a light and easy to use handle, Cleano can be used to clean narrow corners from any angle, washing and drying all surfaces and significantly reducing the time spent cleaning.


Steam can be the perfect ally for cleaning windows, removing stains and marks. In particular, the SG-48 steam generator ensures excellent results when cleaning windows and mirrors, as well as other surfaces such as floors, shower cubicles, sanitary ware and furniture. It is particularly suitable for use in gyms, changing rooms and bathrooms, where adequate hygiene and cleanliness are needed. The power and efficiency of steam – with no added chemicals or detergents – removes and dissolves dirt, sanitising surfaces to get rid of dust mites, dirt and allergens, creating a safe and clean environment.

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