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Tools Innovation


Floorcare Innovations

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IPC introduces Telematics, the system that can locates and keep tracks of all the parameters of the machines anywhere and anytimes.

Floorcare Innovations

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Ecodesign for professionals

The new ​​Class A and B range of dry vacuum cleaners designed for the specialists of cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaners

Cyclone Technology

Cyclone technology allows you to extract dust, sludge and hot mastic without damaging or compromising the cleaning system and the filters life cycle.

Vacuum Cleaners

LP Range

​​LP Range is the new dry vacuum range designed with a long-term life span and the materials are made from up to 75% recycled plastic Black is GreenTM.

Vacuum Cleaners

ANC – Advanced Noise Control

The system is studied to reduce the noise level during the cleaning operations.

Floorcare Innovations


CT51 is the innovative walk behind scrubber designed to provide total control on cleaning operations.

Floorcare Innovations

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Hot water pressure washer, ensures very high performance in hard washing operations.

High Pressure Washers

G6000 Ceramic Tech Gun

Exclusive IPC gun with the highest performance and durability in its category. Designed to guarantee maximum comfort and safety during the usage.

High Pressure Washers

MSC – Multifunction Safety Control

The innovative high-tech system that protects both the machine and the operator.

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Black is Green™

​​​​​IPC launch the​ eco-friendly ​product range for professional cleaning made with recycled plastic ​following an ​innovative process which guarantees quality and safety in compliance with RoHS and REACH guidelines.

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The new hot water compact platform that guarantees low maintenance costs and professional performance

High Pressure Washers

Black is Green™.

Black is Green range with high quality recycled plastic up to 75% to promote environmental protection and sustainable development.

Tools Innovations

New Agriculture Range.

High Pressure Washers

ETSC™ – Electronic Temperature Stabilizer Control.

The system stabilize the pre-sett temperature; it prevents high thermal variations, which are generating a high fuel consumption.

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APC™ – Advanced Productivity Control.

World’s first machine that fully control the cleaning quality from start to finish.

Floorcare Innovations

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The launch of the low cost maintenance high pressure RUNNER.

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3Flow, the vacuum cleaner system with 3 vacuum motors with automatic filters cleaning during operations.

Vacuum Cleaners

Eco Select.

First fully integrated system that regulates noise, energy, water and detergent consumption.

Floorcare Innovations

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TCL – Topping Up Charge Limiter.

Special control installed on the BLS battery charger to limit the topping-up charges.

Floorcare Innovations

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Flow Mix provides more suction power with less energy by increasing waterlift performance up to 60%.

Vacuum Cleaners

BLS – Battery Life Saver.

First universal battery charger in the cleaning sector designed to double the expected battery life.

Floorcare Innovations

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ECS – EcoCost Cleaning Solution.

ECS wins two international Innovation Award:

Golden Broom Award (ISSA Interclean Poland 2009) Clean Green Afidamp 2010.

Nominee among the top 3 finalists:

ISSA Interclean Innovation Award ISSA Interclean Amsterdam 2010.

Floorcare Innovations

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The launch of UNIVERSE: the professional model.

High Pressure Washers

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Pionering in Hybrid Power with the Dual Power System.

Floorcare Innovations

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Development of the 4 platforms for both vertical cold water and stationary machines.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners range.

Vacuum Cleaners

World’s first Automatic Carpet Sweeper.

Floorcare Innovations

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Mitho launch: the best selling machine.

High Pressure Washers

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World’s first middle size hot water hp cleaner: Kosmic, selection of honor in the contest Golden Compass.

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World’s first mini cylindrical brush machine.

Floorcare Innovations

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Centralized Vacuum Cleaners system.

Vacuum Cleaners

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The launch of the first self-service cleaning machines.

High Pressure Washers

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World’s first in developing extractors with vacuum cleaners all in one.

Vacuum Cleaners

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World’s first in developing models with air-cooled boilers.

High Pressure Washers

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World’s first in developing models with two motors individually used.

Vacuum Cleaners

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First scrubbers introduced in Germany.

Floorcare Innovations