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The eagerly awaited IPC STANDS BY YOU event has returned for its third edition this year. On June 20th, at the Castelverde plant in Cremona—renowned as the hub of IPC vacuum cleaners—we hosted an unforgettable day dedicated to our esteemed customers from the EMEA region.


The event saw enthusiastic participation from the entire IPC group, including customer care, after-sales, the commercial team, and product managers—all eager to welcome our guests. The honors were done by Sylvain Rottier, VP General Manager EMEA, and Oscar Garcia, Country Manager Southern Europe. The floor was then given to Veronica Presotto, Business Marketing Manager and event organizer, who detailed the day’s agenda. When asked for her feedback on this third edition, she shared:


“The IPC STANDS BY YOU event has been a permanent fixture on our agendas for three years now. After the Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) and Portogruaro plants, it was an honor to host some of our main customers in the Castelverde (Cremona) division, promote IPC brand strenghts, show and prove the quality of one the most automized and integrated manufacturing plants.”


This year, the organizing team went all out by setting up various demonstration areas where attendees could see our cleaning solutions in action and evaluate their real-time benefits and advantages.


One of the most exciting and engaging moments was the visit to the nearby Castelverde Holstein Agricultural Company. Here, participants witnessed unique demonstrations, including cleaning barns and agricultural tractors with our PW-H61 and PW-H101 hot water pressure washers, cleaning high points with our GC 3/107 W&D professional vacuum cleaners equipped with the High Reach Kit, and sweeping the yard with our 1404+ sweeper.

Some snapshots at the farm


At the Castelverde plant, several demonstration areas were set up where customers, divided into smaller groups, could view the various applications of our products:

  • Logistics Area: Here, our CT51 and CT231 scrubbers were demonstrated, highlighting their effectiveness and versatility.
  • Automotive Area: Car washing demonstrations with the PW-C55 cold water pressure washer showcased the product’s impressive power and precision.
  • Construction Area: The new Square Vac vacuum cleaner, soon to be launched on the market and ideal for combined use with power tools, was introduced.
  • Winery Area: In this section, PW-C45 cold water high-pressure, and SG-48 steam solutions for cleaning and sanitizing barrels garnered great interest.
  • Hospitality Area: Our team showcased solutions for hospitality facilities, including cleaning trolleys, squeegees, microfibers, and compact scrubber dryers like the battery-operated CT5 and CT15. Highlighted vacuum cleaners included the LP 1/12 LUX HOTEL for dry use, the versatile GP 1/35 W&D and GP 2/62 W&D for wet and dry applications, the GS 2/62 EXT for textile surfaces, and the PLANETARIA EXT with advanced water filtration.

Some snapshots at the showcase areas


To conclude the day, all groups had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the Castelverde plant, exploring the production process up close and discovering the innovation and quality that characterize our products.


The IPC STANDS BY YOU – 2024 event proved to be an extraordinary success, solidifying our position as a player in professional cleaning industry and strengthening our connection with customers.


We thank everyone who participated and contributed to making this day unforgettable. See you next year for a new edition of IPC STANDS BY YOU!


IPC Stand by You#4 - IPC Team

Part of the IPC team who participated in the “IPC STANDS BY YOU 2024” event.