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As we saw in the last post, the best way to tackle spring cleaning is to get well organised by planning in advance what needs to be done and deciding which equipment we will need so that we can optimise our time, costs and efforts too!


Now that we have finished cleaning outdoors, we can focus on cleaning indoors. These spaces, which are more “lived in” than a garden or a patio, seem to benefit more from thorough and regular cleaning throughout the year. This is partly true, but we often tend to do a general and rather superficial cleaning, skipping the non-essential bits.


Spring cleaning is the ideal opportunity to do a deep clean, including the spaces which are often hidden and out of sight.


The three steps involved in outdoor cleaning, which include organising and planning what to do, drawing up a detailed plan of action with a checklist and, finally, deciding on the best equipment to use, also apply when cleaning indoor spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.


In these spaces, there are many possible applications and areas to be covered.


Let’s now take a look at what professional machines and equipment are available to tackle floor cleaning.

How to clean floors: find out what products to use to make them shiny and spotless

Cleaning floors may seem like a trivial task, but this is not always the case. Depending on the characteristics of the floor and the degree of soiling, different types of equipment can be used to clean floors, which also make this task easier for us.




When it comes to mechanised cleaning, for example in the case of hard floors (such as concrete, linoleum, PVC and ceramics), floor scrubbers are normally used. In fact, these machines, thanks to their technology, wet the floor in just one go and absorb the dirt accumulated on the surface, ensuring quick and efficient cleaning.


IPC’s flagship product is certainly the CT5, the mini scrubber dryer powered by lithium ion batteries, ideal for cleaning small and medium-sized areas. With effective disc brush washing and flawless drying in every direction, it is extremely versatile and reliable. This small yet great scrubber drier has a compact design, with an adjustable handle that allows the operator to reach all areas to be cleaned. In addition, it is very small, which means it can be loaded and stored even in small spaces, for example in the boot of a car.


CT5: the mini scrubber with great performance



Although mechanised floor cleaning is more efficient and long-lasting, manual equipment is often the best option.

Manual cleaning with a mop is quicker and more precise, especially in hard-to-reach areas.


For manual cleaning, IPC offers Curvy, the innovative floor cleaning system that is fast, efficient and ergonomic. Thanks to the intuitive “S-motion”, Curvy drastically reduces the strain on the operator’s shoulders, arms and wrists, thus ensuring correct posture. The ultra-light handle is available in two versions: telescopic, which means it can be adjusted in height, or three-piece. The strong and durable aluminium frame, instead, is available in two sizes: 40 cm or 60 cm. The Curvy system can be used in combination with the Liner, a device to be placed between the frame and the mop to make full use of the surface of the cloth that comes in contact with the floor, ensuring optimal performance. As for which cloth to use, a disposable microfibre cloth is definitely the most suitable for dusting, washing and trapping dirt on floor surfaces.




In case of stubborn dirt, for deep cleaning of grout lines and tiles, nothing is more effective than steam! In fact, steam ensures deep and long-lasting cleaning of all surfaces at a high temperature, without having to use chemical detergents. Steam generators can be used in a wide range of applications, for example to remove dirt and limescale from sanitary ware, to clean vertical surfaces, mirrors and mattresses, and to clean hard floors.


IPC offers SG-10, a portable steam cleaner with a compact design, specifically intended for cleaning professionals and operators. The SG-10 is extremely versatile and can be used either on its own or in combination with the Hygiene PT04 multi-purpose trolley as a fully integrated workstation for optimal cleaning results.




Last but not least, another essential piece of cleaning equipment is the vacuum cleaner, which removes dirt and debris from floors and surfaces such as carpets.


The new LP vacuum cleaner range is designed to ensure excellent cleaning results on all kinds of surfaces. Available in two versions, 12 or 16 litres, the LP vacuum cleaner perfectly combines design and functionality. Lightweight and compact, it is extremely easy to move around and store thanks to its convenient handle.



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