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When many people think of window cleaning, grabbing a roll of paper towels and a bottle of cleaning solution from under the sink tends to come to mind. And while this may work well for residential cleaning purposes, it’s nowhere close to what’s needed to clean a large, commercial property efficiently and effectively. There are various other tools and equipment that cleaners should have at their disposal for such work.


But window cleaning isn’t just about having the right equipment and tools to put in the work. There’s also a high level of skill that’s necessary to have both the interior and exterior of windows looking new again. Read on to learn more.

What you need to know about window cleaning

Window cleaning is often perceived as more of a challenge than a task. Yet, it’s an important “challenge,” as windows are a big part of a building’s aesthetic. You know what they say about first impressions. And the cleanliness of windows from the outside as well as from the inside can go a long way toward how a customer or partner perceives a business or property.

So how often should windows be cleaned?

There aren’t any general guidelines, it largely depends on the type of facility. Some property managers ensure window cleaning is carried out at least three times a year. But in areas with high pollution levels or facilities that are subject to harsh weather, it makes sense to clean exterior windows more often. In healthcare environments or facilities where cleanliness is paramount, interior windows should be cleaned more regularly.

Why is it so difficult to clean windows?

As we mentioned earlier in this post, window cleaning isn’t as easy as it may seem. When you’re cleaning commercial facilities and performing high window cleaning, there are numerous challenges that go into the practice. For instance:

  • Working safely at heights
  • Ensuring dirt and debris are fully removed from the window pane
  • Cleaning without streaks
  • Managing any weather conditions when cleaning exterior windows

Tools to help with window cleaning

The good news is that there are a number of tools and window cleaning equipment for high windows. In other words, you shouldn’t just rely on elbow grease window cleaning when it comes to performing this task. There’s a bevy of high window cleaning equipment to help get the job done efficiently and effectively. Here’s a look at some of the professional window cleaning tools often used for both interior and exterior window cleaning:

• Top tools for interior window cleaning

One of the most popular interior window cleaning tools we offer at IPC is Cleano. Cleano is an innovative microfiber system that eliminates the need for a bucket, water, and other conventional window cleaning tools. It’s lightweight and flexible enough to clean vertically and horizontally and features an ergonomic handle and articulating pad holder to make cleaning fast, convenient and easy.

What’s more is that Cleano is also a sustainable cleaning solution. No detergents or chemicals are needed to carry out cleaning. All that you need is water and, yes, a little bit of elbow grease.

• Top tools for exterior window cleaning

When you factor in heights and weather conditions, exterior window cleaning is no walk in the park. But someone – or something – has to do it in order to keep buildings looking sharp. One of these tools that property managers should consider looking to for their exterior window cleaning needs is pure water cleaning system.


Based on the latest developments in water purification technology, the effectiveness of the IPC HighPure system is based on two key elements: the opportunity to clean hard-to-reach surfaces at significant heights (up to 15 meters from the ground!) without ladders or platforms, and the chance to achieve perfect cleaning without the use of detergents.


Pure water cleaning systems are beneficial for a number of reasons: they are safe, efficient, and cost saving. These systems are also designed to clean effectively solar and photovoltaic panels.

For more information on the tools and equipment to facilitate faster, safer and more efficient window cleaning, contact us, we are happy to help you!