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I am sure that we have often wondered why we like to live in clean, tidy and organized environments.

Is it a sort of genetic predisposition in order to avoid illnesses? Or something else?


Nobody knows exactly what is pushing us to take the time and effort to clean and organise the areas we  live in.  Several  scientific studies on this subject conclude that cleanliness and order produce very positive effects on our health and well being.


So, does that actually impact on our mood? Yes, is the answer. Psychologists correlate cleanliness and mental ease.


It has been found that the idea of cleanliness and tidiness induce us to be more ethical, whereas, on the contrary if we feel ourselves in a neglected environment, a feeling of frustration can lead us to lie and cheat.


We could say that tidiness really does have a tremendous emotional impact on us, at a point that it could likely influence our attitude towards decision making and what is right and wrong.

Cleaning against stress

Other studies have highlighted that cluttered spaces can affect our capability to concentrate and restrict our brain’s ability to process information. Researchers have proved that an organized environment leads to increased productivity in processing information and a decrease in mental fatigue.


Have you ever experienced that feeling of urgency in cleaning and decluttering when you are particularly stressed out? In other words, in particular periods of uncertainty and emotional challenges, such as the current period we are all living in, our assertion of will and mastery reappear through our desire of control for our living spaces.


Science is definitely teaching us that those conditions are deeply affecting our physical, mental and emotional health, even if we ourselves are not aware of why it has such an effect on us.



If we look at our workplaces, it is beyond question that a clean, tidy and organized office can increase employees’ concentration and make them more proactive and happy!
This is true in offices and schools, for example, where periodic tidying up not only reduces the time spent searching for documents, but also improves employees’ morale.

Tidiness as a boosting for productivity

It has also been shown that efficient and consistent cleaning activities effectively limit the proliferation of germs and bacteria, thus greatly reducing the risks that employees fall ill at work. Statistically, (source: it has been demonstrated that the average employee loses 9 working days per year due to illness and some of these cases may be connected to a less than standard level of hygiene within the workplace (


Another major benefit is that clean offices improve our professional appearance. Not only to our customers, but for employees as well. Clients who may come to your offices and see a shabby, dirty and cluttered environment may think twice about your ability to service their needs effectively. Of course cleanliness isn’t a direct reflection of how well you do your job, but the human mind makes these associations unconsciously. Likewise, employees need to be proud of their job and the place they work in.

The cavalry’s coming!

Therefore, regardless of whether we’re talking about home, office, hotel, kitchen etc. cleanliness is an important factor both in terms of health and productivity in our daily lives.


We can therefore be assured that the psychology of cleanliness definitely brings to our mind a feeling of satisfaction. However, maintaining order and cleanliness in all spaces and areas does take up quite a lot of time, especially when it comes to the more time-consuming and tedious jobs,  such as cleaning windows and floors.  Additionally, how are you supposed to keep up with your hobbies and loved ones, when cleaning is sucking up all your free time?


Well, IPC is fully supporting you providing all the cleaning solutions you may require, for indoor and outdoor spaces, with machines or manual equipments to wash and clean floors or vertical surfaces and much more (


To know more about our full range of cleaning solutions, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative who will be happy to support you.