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Getting Through 2020

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2020 has definitely turned out to be “different” and it has been a year we will not soon forget. Unprecedented scenarios have changed our habits and indeed our lives in many ways.  We now have “new normals”, some of which will no doubt stick with us for some time.


Our life “online” has become drastically different.  For instance, we have quickly learned to work intensively from home and this change will not be completely reversible when the pandemic is over. Getting “in touch” through professional social media networks has become a permanent and daily practice in our lives. Communication and expression in all aspects ( social media, news, exhibitions, events, sports, concerts, gaming etc.)  have all been transferred online and will stay there for some time. Even medical care and diagnosis can now be provided via the WEB.


The majority of people will have to make some additional savings, re-budget, postpone or reconsider some projects, keeping in mind that even if this new situation does not last forever, some of the new measures which have been introduced during 2020 will remain permanently. The need for social distancing will not be dropped anytime soon, for example, and some unconscious fears will stay in our minds for some time. What is happening today may continue to determine what we do with our lives and how we are going to pursue our dreams in the future.


On the other hand, this period of personal isolation has had some positive outcomes: many people are taking their additional time to improve their homes, enjoy their families, cultivate their hobbies and their minds as well.


Others have put their energy into taking action for social changes, responsible politics and social help for those in need. Hopefully, all this positive thinking during a critical time will make us feel more involved in the global community and help make it a better place to live in.


In a world that revolved and changed at a growing speed (which was, for many, sometimes quite difficult to cope with) this slow-down has brought back some things we seemed to have lost along the way, the love and solidarity for our families and communities, and the individual responsibility we have towards them.


But now the winter holiday season is approaching and 2020 comes to its end.


Despite some fears and an uncertain outlook, we are also seeing some lights to guide us to the end of the tunnel, therefore let’s gather all our strength and optimism in order to salute the new year with a bold face and all our good will!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones!