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Pulire 2017, one of the biggest international exhibitions for the cleaning sector, has just ended.

From the 23rd to the 25th of May, Verona’s exhibitions district was crowded with professionals and experts from the cleaning industry, eager to show and share their latest and best ideas, proposals and products. Three pavillions full of machines, tools and cleaning solutions were there to capture attention and inspire.

Pulire 2017 featured more than 300 exhibitors over an area of almost 17.000 square meters and visitors from across the globe grew by 7% compared to the 2015 edition. All major national companies had their booth, which is a testament to the importance of this event, and international exhibitors increased by an impressive 35% leaving no doubt that the cleaning sector is alive and kicking!

Into the exhibition

The IPC staff were there, motivated and excited to greet partners and visitors flooded our booth from the opening day. It was thrilling to see so much interest and participation from our guests.

Our objective to involve visitors in our demos and help them understand the highlights of our new products was definitely accomplished.

The demo area was a perfect stage for the innovative features that make our scrubber-drier CT 51 a truly futuristic machine!

The CT 51 is a high performing scrubber-drier which accomplishes two and a half times more the tasks of a traditional machine, with outstanding cleaning results. With a compact and highly manoeuvrable body, and its ergonomic handle bar, this machine can perfectly match the physical features of the worker.

Economic and sustainable, the CT 51 takes advantage of innovative systems to ensure the right output of detergent, an optimized use of water and thorough usage of the brushes.

It is the only machine on the market that can interchange different lengths of the brushes, to suit different applications perfectly. The optional remote control system called Telematics allows full management of your entire fleet of CT 51s, monitoring the status of crucial components and correct usage by workers.

New products

As a matter of fact Pulire 2017 was the perfect stage to introduce IPC’s new products.

In addition to the CT 51, vacuum cleaners LP 1/12 ECO A and B gathered a lot of attention. These machines were especially conceived to meet the standards set by the new Ecodesign legislation in advance, which will come into force from September 2017.

The LP line of vacuum cleaners is produced with Black is Green® recycled plastic and is particularly handy, light, and silent, features a special ergonomic handle as well as a roll up cable that make moving the machine a breeze. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of professional cleaning companies that require small but powerful, compact and sturdy equipment to clean shops, offices and hotel rooms.

Pulire 2017 saw the debut of another new vacuum cleaner designed for heavy duty industrial use, the G3 Maxibag Cyclone. Thanks to the Cyclone technology, this machine has unprecedented and long lasting sucking power to clean up fine dust as well as heavy debris without clogging filters. The Cyclone system ensures high productivity and steady performance. A durable and capacious bag for safe storage of dust and debris is available for this machine.

IPC was also proud to introduce to the public its new smart high pressure cold water cleaners,   PW-C45 and PW-C55. Sporting a modern eye-catching look, together with brand new technology, this line of high pressure, cold water cleaners is the only one on the market with electronic self-diagnosis systems that permanently check everything is working properly.

As regards steam cleaners, two new additions were made to the IPC line: the SG 08 and the SG 10. These small and compact steam cleaners are highly professional tools with a durable stainless steel body. A full range of accessories makes them ready to face different applications and solve any cleaning or sanitizing task promptly, even in hard to reach spots.

Talking about manual tools, the new MIXIT soaking system really stole the scene. This system is a special feature than can be mounted onto the Brix line of trolleys converting them into fully efficient and safe to operate workstations. With Mixit you can soak your mop immediately before use with a ready made water/soap mix, thus ensuring a constant level of detergent power. No need to touch the mop and no risk of contamination for the worker.

Last but not least, the CLEANO was tested by many passersby in the demo area. Despite its apparent simplicity, Cleano offers the possibility of professionally cleaning window panes, internally and externally, by the use of just pure water (no detergent needed). That was definitely worth a try!

IPC's new course

Each and every new product on show was illustrated by a specific video, conceived to highlight its best features, the benefits for users and the variety of applications.

Pulire 2017 was also a perfect dynamic platform to share and convey our identity as a company made of people who love their job. This feeling of belonging is epitomized in our new corporate video. We wish to “introduce” you to the IPC people, working with you and for you daily, at the same time sharing with you all the passion they put into their job.

PULIRE and IPC Group

We are very happy to have met you in such a thrilling and dynamic setting and we are sure it was the same for you.

We invite you to re-experience the highlights of this exhibition on Twitter, through dozens of pictures and videos published live during the event and to post your impressions and memories to us at

Thanks for being with us at Pulire 2017, on social media or even just in spirit.

Together we can say “Our world is a world of people. A clean world”.