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For three days (28-30 March 2017), Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris was host to Europropre, one of the most important trade shows for hygiene and cleaning professionals.

This 15th edition’s motto can be summarized in three words: innovations, meetings, solutions.

Between sustainable development and eco-friendly issues, the exhibition has offered manufacturers and/or operators in this sector the opportunity to show not only the best of their production, but also their commitment towards a more eco-friendly world, through the development of innovative systems that guarantee energy savings and more ecological materials.

We asked Laurent Goretti, General Manager of ICA, IPC’s branch in France, an expert of machines and manual professional cleaning and keen connoisseur of the cleaning market, to share with us some comments on the exhibition.

ICA can be considered a habitué of Europropre, since it has been attending this exhibition for years. What do you think about this edition? Did it have the same flow of visitors as in 2015?

I am sincerely delighted and happy about the results we obtained.

We had a remarkable flow of visitors at our stand: they were curious and truly interested in our products. From our side, we are very satisfied with this international exhibition, which is now adequate to our market.

This edition is the confirmation of the recovery trend started in 2015. The presence of big companies in the multi-service zone and the attendance of big names among the manufacturers of machines and cleaning products have confirmed the renewed interest of the sector professionals in the innovative solutions that have been proposed .

What were the main issues at the center of this edition?

The main issues and the visitors’ expectations were focused on the machines’ ergonomy, on the “sustainable development”, and on those innovations that would allow a greater ease of work.

What image of the IPC group did ICA promote at Europropre?

We are proud to say that our portfolio covers the 90% of the needs of the cleaning sectors and this is what we wanted to show at the exhibition. However, in order to make our focus clear, we presented exclusively the latest products of our Group and especially the ones in line with an eco-sustainable and ergonomic approach, such as the products that keep into consideration the TMS (problems with the musculoskeletal system) and ease the job of operators.

Which products did you highlight? And which of them were most appreciated by visitors?

The “Black is GreenTM” trolley line gathered a lot of interest. Those trolleys can work in every kind of application field with the only addition of dedicated kits of accessories. However, their unique feature is that they are produced from up to 75% recycled plastics conveying a message that each Black is GreenTM trolley gives a second life to wasted plastics. They can be turned into real workstations and can meet the requirements of public places such as schools, gyms, supermarkets, industries, warehouses, offices and even the most demanding standards of the healthcare sector.

The “Black is GreenTM” line was conceived to convey the message that some raw materials can have a “longer life” because they can and must be recycled.  

We must leave behind the habit, which is typical of our business, of throwing away waste materials after leaving a workplace.

The true hero products of ICA’s stand have been the new vacuum cleaner LP 1/12 ECO B class B and CT 51, the scrubber drier of the future!

LP 1/12 ECO B is really innovative. Made of recycled plastic Black is GreenTM, this special vacuum is silent, lightweight, equipped with an ergonomic handle with integrated cable wrap for an easy transportation and parking.

With this product IPC stays one step ahead of competitors and is ready to meet the EU Ecodesign Directive regarding vacuum cleaners, which from September 1st will impose new complete and strict standards. Basic requirements for vacuum cleaners will be set higher and manufacturers will be held responsible for their products’ effects on environment.

The new IPC range of “only dry” vacuum cleaners ensures high productivity and cost savings.

It has been specifically designed for cleaning specialists who need powerful but lightweight tools, reliable and ergonomic and ideal for small areas such as shops, offices and hotels rooms.

CT 51 is the new scrubbing experience! This machine ensures a productivity 2.5 times greater than traditional machines and delivers excellent cleaning results.

This machine features an ergonomic handle whose shape and adaptability makes its use comfortable and easy in daily cleaning activities. The friendly dashboard makes any operative control extremely intuitive. Furthermore, its interchangeable brush head is the ideal solution to ensure the best performance in various application fields.

CT 51 is also economic: its SLS (Self leveling System) ensures a complete adherence of the brush to the floor surface.

The real innovation of this scrubber drier is the interchangeable brush head which is ensuring the best performances in the most different fields of application.

The Chem Dose system, integrated into the machine, grants a calibrated detergent dosage. Finally the APC brush system points out, via a red signal, when it’s time to replace the brush and optimizes the required quantities of detergent and water.

Furthermore, the Telematics system which the machine can be equipped with, allows the distributor to keep track of his fleet remotely, to control and monitor the wear of each machine component, as well as the way it is being operated.


What kind of challenges will companies in the cleaning sectors face in the near future?

I am absolutely convinced that all manufacturers in the cleaning sectors will boost research and development with the aim of widening the use of recycled resources and find solutions to reduce the use of chemicals, of energy and of water to preserve our future.

Nonetheless, producers are showing an       increased sensitivity towards users’s health and are studying products that can make cleaning activities less tiring and allow natural posture during work.

How do you explain the Europropre 2017’ motto “innovations, meetings, solutions”?

The interpretation of this motto remains strictly personal. Everyone has done different experiences, has worked in different companies and has been involved in different industrial realities: all these elements will lead to a unique interpretation.

What is sure is that we are at the beginning of a process that is focusing on final users. Producers feel more responsible for their health and satisfaction.

 That is why they are looking for really innovative products and solutions, taking care of end consumers and of the environment they are working in.