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From outdoor to indoor pools: easy cleaning solutions



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The holidays are over for almost everyone now and the beautiful, relaxing days spent in the mountains, at the sea or by the poolside are becoming just pleasant memories. For both private and outdoor public swimming pools, the moment has come to put in place all necessary actions for an adequate cleaning and sanitizing process, so that in the following spring, reopening these venues will be a quick and easy job.


Luckily, indoor public swimming pools are still ready to welcome us, especially in winter and in the coldest months of the year, to extend the pleasure and relaxation experienced during summer holidays! These types of environments (swimming pools, spas, gyms etc) require cleaning and sanitizing solutions that prove to be reliable, effective and fast in order to provide that comfort and safety guests are looking for.


Outdoor cleaning



As outdoor pool equipment and systems will not be used for a long time, it is necessary to filter the water from foreign bodies and to clean the walls and bottom of the pool from algae and mold before covering the surface of the basin.


But that is not enough. The edge of the pool and all of the furniture and items of the adjacent areas, such as deckchairs, sunbeds, umbrellas, games for children, etc. need to be thoroughly cleaned before storing them until the new summer season.


At IPC, we are very grateful for the staff at Parco Livenza that recently hosted us and gave us an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our cleaning tools and solutions.


IPC products and solutions do not cover just heavy cleaning for periodic maintenance. We also have solutions for activities that are carried out on a daily basis and that contribute to conveying a feeling of care and well-being to users and guests of those structures: our cold water high pressure washer (PW-C45) and the hot water pressure (PW-H28) have restored slides that have entertained so many children to a like-new condition and have cleaned up the poolside from mold, dirt and grease residue from tanning creams.

Our scrubber (CT81) and sweeper (512) have cleaned up sidewalks and floors in a very short time and in total safety for both operators and guests.

Indoor cleaning

A different approach is to be taken towards cleaning and maintenance of indoor swimming pools and contiguous environments (i.e. spa, gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.). In this case, solutions are needed that guarantee cleaning and, above all – hygiene every day, in a reliable, rapid and effortless way.


In these environments, which are generally humid and subject to relatively high temperatures, a proliferation of potentially pathogenic microorganisms can easily occur.


Because of this, the pool edge should be washed and dried frequently with compact, intuitive and easy-to-handle scrubbers (CT51), guaranteeing a hygienic setting for relaxation. The GC 2/90 vacuum cleaner W&D is the ideal vacuum cleaner to drain water from the pool edge, with its two-stage engine that can reach a 2400-Watt power. Extras like the liquid holder accessory and the suction cup brush make this machine a professional, easy to use and highly effective tool.

Gym / spa / locker rooms

The cleaning of places such as gyms, spas and locker rooms is sometimes a real challenge.  It takes observation, study and hard work to tackle very specific cleaning problems. However, clean and well-maintained surfaces, and healthy and clean-smelling rooms can make the difference for regular users.


Specific cleaning solutions can make cleaning operations easier, but it is not just enough to clean; it is necessary to sanitize with antibacterial systems designed to eliminate the proliferation of bacteria and germs.


This is where IPC’s “just stream” machine can come in and offer excellent results with the use of pure and simple steam, without the aid of chemicals and / or detergents and guarantees hygienic environments.


The SG48 steam generator features a stainless-steel frame that can operate constantly in particularly humid environments and its accessories can apply steam to both vertical (such as walls, glasses, mirrors, equipments) and horizontal surfaces (such as floors and pieces of furniture).


In particular, public and reception areas are the visiting card of any location and that is why cleaning must be accurate and convey a sense of cleanliness and confidence to customers or new users.


The CT46 scrubber can always work to provide perfectly cleaned and dried floors! It is very nimble when cleaning tiny areas, as well as easy to maintain and recharge. It is nonetheless very effective when drying, thanks to three-stage vacuum motor, V squeegee shape and combination of blades in different materials.


A properly done maintenance is not only a necessity but a must, if you want your guests to enjoy their stay and for your equipment to last longer. Please feel free to ask professional cleaning experts, who will suggest the right solution to any specific cleaning requirement based on established knowledge and expertise.


Our special thanks go to the Parco Livenza, Sport Village & Wellness, Via Fosson, 102, San Stino di Livenza (Venice), for making our IPC’s products demonstration possible.



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