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A guided tour to professional indoor cleaning

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What is facility management?

Facility Management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines focused upon the efficient and effective delivery of services for the organizations that it serves. It ensures functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Facility management value

Facility management is important for organizations of all types: a well-managed service, running at the most efficient and effective level of an organization, provides added value, improvements and benefits to the main activity of the organization.

It is in this context that elevated standards of professional cleaning, obtained on a daily basis with highly specialized cleaning systems, may not only preserve but improve the property value.

Cleaning a Hotel for instance, made up of many different environments, each one with its own peculiarities, is a real challenge.

This is why organizing a unique and continuous workflow for indoor cleaning, due to the many complexities in each environment, becomes a very hard job and people usually relegate these activities under the name of “extraordinary cleaning”.

However, with the right equipment and specific systems, what is usually called  “extraordinary cleaning” can become ordinary, and what was so difficult that it had to be managed only once a month can now be scheduled without hesitations and stress.

Additionally, depending on the specifics a manual tool can be preferable to a machine, or vice versa, or even a combination between the two could be the solution needed for rapid and satisfactory results.

Aware of that, IPC Group has prepared for you a guided tour  to professional cleaning, with the aim to propose and suggest to you the most efficient cleaning solutions, creating a user-friendly interface between machinery/tools and the operator.

Public areas

For the common areas, full of furniture (armchairs, tables, chairs, etc.) and with different floors, often both hard and soft (carpets), IPC has designed multi-function machines.

  • CT15 Roller, the compact walk behind scrubber drier equipped with an injection/extraction carpet kit which can easily convert the scrubber into a soft floor cleaning machine when needed (carpets or moquette). The completely foldable handle this machine is equipped with can reach areas under tables and drawers, making washing and drying a breeze.
  • 464, the battery powered pedestrian sweeper designed to effectively remove dust, dirt and debris from carpets and hard floor.
  • Finally, vacuum machines like the new LP1/12 Eco A model, easy to transport and store, are lightweight, ergonomic and efficient because of their multiple functionality.

When spaces are particularly narrow, to clean the corners or integrate a task, manual equipment can finish the job. A trolley (Brix and Black is Green™ trolleys range) tailored for specific needs is a strategic choice and completes the machine’s work for a perfect performance.

Indoor windows

Good equipment enhances the speed and the effectiveness of a cleaning task. A good squeegee for instance (Technolite) can reduce the time of an activity by 50% and the top add-on such as a telescopic pole (Cleano), can be really useful when there is a need to clean the windows of majestic halls that reach 5mtrs high. A good tool cleans well without compromising the safety of the operator who, in this case, can work easily standing on the ground.


Steam is recommended to clean curtains and mattresses. Beyond the effective results, steam prevents allergic reactions, which is a strategic value especially in crowded areas.  For all the other surfaces Cleano is the right choice: available in different sizes, it is a friendly piece of equipment to clean both horizontal surfaces such as tables (and furniture in general) and vertical ones, and even all those distant points to clean thanks to its telescopic poles. Cleano can also be environmentally-friendly, because the special micro-spray system it is equipped with can deliver pure water which attacks the dirt without the need for detergent. A professional vacuum machine and a carpet cleaner  can  complete the tasks ensuring excellent and durable results. IPC vacuums are ideal to work in hotels or in all those environments where noise levels must be the lowest possible.


Steam is also strategic in bathrooms, where the magic words are hygiene and sanitation.

An integrated system may be also required, and the support of a pre-impregnated tool can become extremely useful. The SDS system, is ideal for floor cleaning as it is specifically calibrated for instant mop impregnation, delivers the exact dosage of cleaning product meaning less wastage and less hazards to user health. For the same purpose, Triggy and  Wonder mops make floor washing operations even quicker, easier and more efficient, and the frames can be used with microfiber or disposable mops.


Cleaning a gym  is a real challenge: it takes hard work and dedication, but with the right equipment, tasks can be greatly simplified. There is no doubt that an environment cleaned, disinfected and well maintained will make it a more enjoyable place for everyone who uses it.

IPC proposes different pieces of equipment, each one specifically studied for different tasks.

  • The microfiber mops for floor cleaning, like Hygiene for instance, with a high removal power especially on porous floors, are absolutely bleach and aggressive detergent resistant, and suitable for washing and disinfection.
  • The Micro Silver is a real revolutionary microfiber cloth treated with antimicrobial material based on silver ion technology. The strong oxidizing power of the silver ions destroys bacteria and fungi and the antibacterial effects are particularly suitable for all gym tools cleaning.

To reduce odours in the gym environment it is essential that very frequent cleaning takes place, but it could be helpful to place HDS  (Antibacterial Plastic) bins, and antibacterial plastic dispenser of both paper and  hygienic gel within the gym.


Industrial kitchens have, of course, special requirements.

Floor areas can be spacious and have to be cleaned quickly to prevent microbial growth. Moreover, organic contaminants tend to collect in the recesses of the tiles, and only a very deep clean can remove them. To ensure a true hygienic environment, a good walk behind scrubber dryer (CT51) can do the job and a steam generator can ensure true sustainable cleaning. A steam temperature of 160° C and a pressure of up to 6 bars (SG-08, SG-10) guarantee  deep and durable cleaning of all surfaces: ceramics, leaks, cookers and worktops. The power and efficiency of steam only, without additional chemicals or detergents, are particularly recommended in the kitchens.


For outdoor cleaning, different systems and different working steps are required, therefore we will come back to you with other proposals and cleaning solutions in a future post.


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