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Statement from IPC in Response to the Crisis in Ukraine

As each day brings new details of Russia’s devastating and heartbreaking attack on Ukraine, IPC is saddened by the loss of life and concerned for the safety and well-being of all who are affected by the invasion.


We recognize the role businesses must play in helping create a world in which all thrive. We’ve heard feedback from our employees, our customers, and our partners, and with acknowledgement of the unprecedented nature of this war, we are substantially suspending sales to Russia and Belarus immediately.


In addition to fully adhering to all sanctions, we will continue to monitor developments in the region and will choose our course of action based on what is right. IPC is a global community. While we do not have any direct employees in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus, we know that through our colleagues, customers, and partners, we have ties to many in the region who have been affected by the crisis. Our focus will continue to be on the people affected by the humanitarian crisis this war has created, our customers, and our partners in the region. We stand with them, and we hope together for a peaceful resolution and a positive and productive future.