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Scrubber Dryers brushes selection guide


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Scrubber dryers are used for the mechanized cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor floors. Their technology enables you to wash and dry the floor in a single step, ensuring fast, efficient and safe cleaning.


They feature a cleaning head equipped with one or more disc or roller brushes, which remove dirt from all surfaces.


IPC scrubber-dryers are equipped with disc or roller brushes. Both versions are available with three different types of bristles to satisfy the ever-growing requirements of professional and industrial cleaning. The range includes brushes of different diameters with PES, PPL and TYNEX bristles.


Every brush has a wear indicator warning the operator when it is time to change the brush, preventing any malfunctions or drop in performance.


Selecting the right brushes is important, as the cleaning results are closely related to the choice you make.


Disc brushes vs roller brushes


Disc brush scrubber dryers are suitable for all types of floors and easily remove stains and dirt. The specific disc shape allows the cleaning detergent to directly reach the floor, thus avoiding waste and splashes on the sides. Disc brushes are available with different types of bristles.


  • Disc brush with PES bristles (mix5). This type of brush, with its mix of fibres, is suitable for ‘light’ floor cleaning, preventing marks and other damage to the floors’ finish.


  • Disc brush with PPL (polypropylene) bristles. This versatile brush is suitable for all types of floors. The polypropylene bristles are resistant to chemicals and friction from cleaning operations, ensuring excellent cleaning results.


  • Disc brush with Tynex bristles. Highly abrasive brush, ideal for deep cleaning. Tynex brushes are available with three different grit levels 120, 240 and 320 depending on the type of floor and the required treatment. Grit 120 is for deep cleaning operations, 240 for maintenance operations and 320 for light cleaning operations.


Scrubber dryers with roller or cylindrical brushes are able to sweep, wash and sanitise the floor in a single pass. Thanks to their special shape and a special collection system, they are capable of picking up even small debris and allow better cleaning between floor joints. Roller brushes are also available with different types of bristles.

  • Roller brush with PES bristles (mix5). This brush, with its soft bristles, is specifically designed for the daily cleaning and maintenance of carpets and rugs, preserving the fabric fibres.


  • Roller brush with PPL (polypropylene) bristles. Ideal for daily maintenance of floors and carpets. The polypropylene bristles allow the cleaning solution to reach deep into the carpet for effective cleaning.


  • Roller brush with Tynex bristles. Suitable for deep cleaning due to its high abrasive power. The Tynex bristles are specifically designed to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

As already pointed out, the type of brushes is absolutely key for a successful floor cleaning.

It is important to use the right brushes according to the desired results as well as the type of floor.

Linoleum, PVC, resin, marble, granite, concrete, etc. floors need specific care, also taking into consideration the required cleaning requirements: daily cleaning or deep cleaning. Here are some examples.


Brushes chart



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