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Manual cleaning equipment to face new scenarios



The unprecedented sanitary scenarios we are facing today have forced us to approach cleaning tasks with new practises to deliver higher hygiene standards.


A regular cleaning and an increase in the frequency of cleaning now play a vital role in making us feel safer in our environments.


It has become crucial to use cleaning products such as detergents and bleach, paying attention to all surfaces but especially to high touchpoints such as door handles, light switches, work surfaces, remote controls and electronic devices.


These surfaces should be wiped down at the beginning and end of the day, and even more frequently depending on factors such as the number of people in the environment, whether they are entering or exiting, and if they have access to hand washing and hand-sanitising facilities.


Special care should be given in cleaning bathrooms, communal kitchens and densely populated rooms or areas.


For the above reasons, IPC has developed new specific manual solutions, designed to respond effectively to the demanding requirements of present times.

Hygiene Trolleys

The Hygiene Trolleys range includes the new PT (Pre-Treated) series, carefully designed to safeguard both the operator and the community.


The Pre-Treated system has revolutionized the concept of manual cleaning by using pre-treated microfiber spun yarn mops.  With this cleaning system the mops are pre-soaked in chemical solutions 4 hours before use.


4 different models are now available, all made from recycled plastics and in a new neutral colour. All models are equipped with: gel bottle holder, gloves or mask box holder and the operator’s working plan holder, where cleaning tasks and activities can be noted. Each model also has specific features for different environments and different tasks.


PT-01, the most compact hygiene trolley, has been designed to be used in narrow areas and to help operators to save time during the preparation of disposable and microfiber wipes/mops directly on site.


PT-02 is especially recommended for areas subject to recent and local sanitary protocols. The trolley is equipped with closed panels, drawers and a cover bag to use disposable mops and clothes.


PT-03, has been conceived for large environments, and for this reason it features larger capacity buckets. It can use both disposable and microfiber mops.


Last but not least, the PT-04 is a truly integrated working station consisting of a professionally fully equipped trolley with a steam generator (SG-50 or SG-10 steam generators models): a combination of technology and manual cleaning accessories to achieve excellent results with the best of both worlds.

The trolleys are fully adjustable and are available in tailor-made configurations (waste bag, extra buckets, draws etc.).

Dispenser Range

Our Dispenser Range has also been improved and upgraded to respond to the latest and most demanding cleaning requirements. We can now provide two different dispenser models, the standard and the touchless. Both can be fastened to specifically designed columns or wall stations.


The touchless model provides a quick and easy dose of chemical solution and is equipped with an infrared sensor that automatically adjusts the right quantity of liquid/gel for your hands. It can be fastened on all our Column Stations:


  • Vulcano Station with its multi-function holding structure provides many solutions to a number of applications. Extremely stable, the base of this column alone weighs 70% of the total structure weight. The column is made from epoxy paint coated steel and supports a dispenser drop saver, a very functional holder tray and a waste collection bag.
  • Lipari Station: a basic, safe, hygienic and solid column structure. Made from epoxy paint coated steel, this sturdy column features a dispenser drop saver and a  practical instructions panel. Essential in its design, this column is easy to assemble, clean and move around.
  • Pianosa Station: a multifunctional compact hygiene station, designed to be installed on walls or on commercial vehicles to ensure the safety of the operator while handling goods or foods. Made from high resistance polypropylene, this in-motion station is particularly stable and long lasting.

Disposable mops and wipes

IPC’s new manual cleaning equipment range is completed by a new series of disposable mops and wipes, specifically designed with the most innovative technologies to obtain maximum qualitative results in several applications, even with steam generators:


  • Micro-Loop: designed with “Micro  Loop Technology” (it can wipe and gather dirt/dust and efficiently absorb liquids), it is ideal for dusting, washing and pick up the dirt on floor surfaces.
  • Dry-Wipe Mop: made with “Spunlace technology” (fibers are intertwined when they touch liquids),  it can be used on floors and vertical surfaces.
  • Multi Purpose Wipe: with “Thermo Embossed technology” (thermo glued fabrics), it is designed for wiping and disinfecting surfaces, including glass.
  • Disposable Steam Mop: made with “Needle Punch Technology” that withstands 100°C steam temperatures leaving no lint and can be used on main steam generators.

If you want to know more about the above mentioned manual cleaning solutions, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative who will be happy to suggest the best cleaning solution for your needs.