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With the arrival of warmer weather, daylight is getting longer: people get out of their own house much more than in winter, benefiting from this. Infact, sunnier days act as a natural antidepressant, promoting positive feelings and improving anyone’s mood.


But extra sunlight also highlights things you never wanted!

It carries more evidence on the dust and dirt that have been accumulating last season on the windows, furniture and any other type of surface.


Nursery schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels: in all of them (and much more!) operators should apply the most appropriate cleaning solutions to get the facilities in shape for the spring.


It’s needed to batten down the hatches: let’s see what to use for the cleaning and maintenance of the main facilities indoor areas.

Floors: get them back to all their glory

Hardwood, tile, laminate, vynil, covered by carpets: each flooring requests its specific cleaning application.


In the first case, hardwood surfaces require to be vacuumed or swept, avoiding abrasive or water solutions. The same for the tile surfaces: vacuums and sweepers can be used to remove dirt and debris built up on the floors.

A compact walk-behind sweeper can be the most appropriate solution for the removal of debris leaves, pieces of cardboard, small bottles left on the surface of small indoor enviroments.


For the laminate and vynil ones, a damp mop is suggested, while for the carpets, you should vacuum them regularly. Through a professional wet extractor the operator can collect all the dust built up on the carpet, sucking liquids up also from textile surfaces like the sofas, upholstery, curtains and rugs in the schools and offices.



For confined and limited spaces, as hotel receptions and cafeteria, even mini scrubber dryers can be applied for the cleaning of the flooring, since their great suction and drying capacities.

Windows: a combined solution to get them cleaned

As regards the windows, the most common problem to face with are the dead bugs, besides mud and soiling on blinds, bed nets and in the track of the windows.

For removing the dirt, the most recommended solution is using a microfiber cloth, maybe with abrasive function, allowing to eliminate encrusted dirt.


After the microfiber application, it’s needed to wipe up all the debris. For a common and simple acitivity, the operator should use a good squegee, that provides a complete removal of soil without leaving any mark or graze. The rubber’s quality is decisive: it guarantees long-lasting and clear results.


What about the windows too high to be cleaned?

In the big cities there are many structures provided with glass walls. In some of these cases it’s required the use of tools with extensible handles, especially when the surface to be cleaned is wide. If ergonomic and lightweight, these solutions allow to reach even the most difficult points in height.


You can also choose HighPure cleaning systems for an excellent glass cleaning. This is suggested for the maintenance of solar panels and photovoltaic cells. If combined with the strength of high pressure machines, the glass surfaces keep shining longer.

Furniture: the microfiber makes the difference

Furniture is a sort of magnet for the dust!


The dust accumulates on the surfaces even if you have just cleaned them. For keeping it away as long as possible, you need to use specific cloths, which can grab the smallest dust particles, fitting into the crevices, those the most difficult to be reached.


Suitable for wet and drying cleaning, microfiber cloths are highly absorbent and leave no trace while using them. They can be applied for the cleaning of stainless steel, windows, sanitary ware and accessories, mirrors, wood, marble and so much more!

The steam will save the bathroom

The bathrooms are the most difficult place to be cleaned. Here, germs and bacteria have been accumulating and just using vacuums or sweepers is not sufficient.

It’s needed to eliminate all the grime at all costs.


Steam application helps in removing and dissolving dirt and grease.. It is the most efficient sanitizing method: bed bugs, dust mites, pests, allergens are removed without the need of harmful chemicals, in respect of human health care.


Compact and professional steam generators can be a good fit for you! In the market there are some models conceived to be easy to handle and ready in a few seconds, refillable while in use. These can reach a temperature up to 170°C with a pressure up to 6 bar.


If you need some further details, please, remember that IPC Group has been hard at work in developing specific solutions to the needs mentioned above.


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