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The three-days event on professional cleaning, the most important on the international scene, took place last week in Verona.


Between the 21st and 23rd of May, 312 exhibitors of the biggest world-leading companies in the hygiene and cleanliness of working spaces and indoor enviroments participated at Pulire with their wide range of machinery, equipment and components .

IPC at Stand C5

IPC Group joined the community, showing new exclusive products among the Hero ones, by serving the cleaning operators, discussing on the cleaning role and on the contribution to consumer and environment protection.


It was a pleasure to meet the foreign delegations on the first day to explain, understand and develop the business in their countries. This was an additional value for the last edition since the Fair achieved an international note on the Italian scene.


The Group was then rewarded with the Senior member award for its 35 years of participation to Afidamp Association. Infact, IPC was among the first to be actively engaged in the Association, sharing common objectives and values.

Interaction was the key word

Four demonstration areas have been the news of this year.


The new products have been accompanied by the presentation of two experts who entertained the public that gathered around the three main islands, conceived for both machines and tools.


Among the machines

  • The new mini scrubber CT5 captured the attention of the major part of the visitors. Everyone was caught by the extreme ease of use of the machine, due to the intuitive Reverse Dry System (RDS), which permits drying action in reverse.Explore new spaces. The CT5 is a pioneering machine , whose light weight was often lauded: it weights only 19 kg. Besides the possibility to transport it everywhere, its compact design and the adjustable handle grant to load and park it even in small spaces, like the baggage car.Many have tried it staying amazed whenever they dealt with the user friendly control panel, ease of filling and cleaning too, removing recovering tank without any difficult.


  • The Green Jet, hot water weed removal system, stood out among the high pressure machines.
    The commitment to sustainability was evident to all: this high pressure machine can eliminate weed without any weedkiller through only the hot water power.
    It assures the maximum safety to the operator through a totally eco friendly operating process.


  • The new backpack vacuum YP 1/5 has entertained several people. It was easier to understand in person how this compact and easy to wear vacuum is ideal for the cleaning of tiled floors, hardwood floors and carpets too.Equipped with telescopic tube, it can clean small, high and deep spaces, from top to bottom, with practical reliability, ensuring the maximum comfort during all the cleaning operations.

Among the tools

  • UNIHANDLE is the only answer to the cleaning of vertical window surfaces. It can really wash and wipe, and even scrape at the same time.The demonstration kept people bonded to a window surface. Through the microfiber pad, UNIHANDLE results suitable to remove the most stubborn dirt from the surface. The microfiber can be applied on the surfaces using both its sides, doubling the cleaning autonomy.While, in case of encrusted dirt, it can be used with the scraper, more efficient than the simple pad. Then, UNIHANDLE can wipe perfectly the surface without leaving any mark.



  • Finally, a demo area was entirely dedicated to the KINETIC.
    It has been clearly demonstrated that its Ergonomic Design featured with the optimal grip square-shaped, 360-degree rotary knob and the position of the handle ensure a natural posture position to the operator, allowing more appropriate movements during the activities.Then through the selection of the right level of mop wringing, according to the type of surfaces, the operator can clean maximising the use of water: high, medium or low.


By this time, let us thank you all to have joined us, visiting our stand or sharing your feelings on the Fair. We hope to have met your expectations and satisfied your interests.


In case you need more information, you can find us at Facilities Show in London on the 18th-20th of June and then at CMS 19V in Berlin between the 24th and 27th of September.