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“An extraordinary and really innovative event, with a great interaction between the Company and the customers!!” – a comment by one of the participants.


From the 22nd to the 24th of June the first edition of IPC stands by you was held in Reggio Emilia (Italy): a special three-day-event specifically tailor-made for some of our Master Distributors.


This exclusive and unique event allowed us to meet our customers again after a few years in a multicultural and family context.


We immersed ourselves in a session focused on the new products and the most recent innovations allowing us to collect valuable feedbacks and suggestions to improve the IPC experience!


And not only that… Ready to find out more?


On the 23rd of June in the showroom of IPC division in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) our dealers took part in the Commercial Seminar, an in-depth training session on our machine product ranges with an interesting focus on the projects and objectives IPC Group has been aiming at recently.


IPC Sales Team photo group


After a brief introduction by Fabrizio Busolini, Director of Sales Master Distribution – EMEA, Lorenzo Catellani, Head of Sales Export Master Distribution, and Veronica Presotto, Sales Enablement Manager Master Distribution, the customers were involved in an interesting factory tour, led by the Export Area Managers Alessandro Sparano, Sara Mattioli and Matias Caramaschi.


At the end of the tour, the showroom was divided into three thematic islands, where Export Area Managers and Product Managers carried out specially designed presentations for each of the IPC machinery ranges.


Let’s see them in detail!


As for the range of high pressure washers, Antonio Bigaran, HPW Product Manager, and Marzio Signorin, Export Area Manager, entertained the dealers with a detailed overview of IPC hot and cold water ranges.


Particular attention was paid to the PW-E100 electric models, that reflect the current market’s trend on sustainability and ecology. The electric hot water pressure washer is the most appropriate machine to clean even the most closed spaces through the lack of emission; then, the high outlet water temperature allows optimal removal of dirt, oils and greases.


Finally Riccardo Battiston, After Sales Service – High Pressure Washers, conducted an external demonstration of the machine, showing the effectiveness and the power of the machine itself.


This area has been headed by Roberto Vezzoni and Riccardo Dalboni, Export Area Managers, and Dario Valcarenghi, After Sales Service.


Among the topics, priority was given to the Silver Industrial Range, a single platform with 8 models ideal for every industrial application. The GS 3/50 OPT W&D MFS model has caught the attention: equipped with 3 double stage motors, detachable system and modular configurations to recover solids, dusts and liquids on large surfaces, this model is lightweight and featured with an easy-to-use trolley through large braking wheels. A manual filter cleaning system, the H14 HEPA cartridge, and a wide star-shaped filter allow to obtain the best filtration performances.


The third and final range, floorcare, was led by Gherardo Bruno, Export Area Manager, and Mirko Consolini, After Sales Service.


The main topic was the Telematic innovation that IPC scrubber dryers and sweepers are equipped with. This allows to manage an entire fleet of machines or a single machine remotely, by keeping track of machine position, user ID identification, battery cycles, motor consumption and effective machine use through your smartphone, tablet and/or PC.


Among the key benefits, the Telematic innovation lets the operator manage the battery status with a detailed overview about the charging and also monitor the correct charger procedure. Last but not least, it grants a detailed information regarding absorption: the fleet manager can control several machines data as working time and absorption of several machines components, with the aim to prevent damages and sudden stop.


Besides the Commercial Seminar, IPC stands by you was also a very useful way to spend quality time with the customers combining business with social activities including food and team building experiences.


After a dinner in a breathtaking location on the Emilian hills on arrival, on the second day we visited a local vinegar factory where we had a delicious tasting of traditional and innovative products.


Last but not least the final day included a coaching session on stress management and a driving experience aboard electric go-karts which left everyone speechless: here we challenged the cohesion of the team with endurance tests. It was very engaging!


IPC stands by you has been the most appropriate opportunity to strengthen the network and empower the Team itself. In a multicultural context, a close connection was naturally created between the dealers and IPC group, to such a point that a positive and virtuous exchange of ideas and know-how has accompanied us for all the days. Just what we were aiming for!


IPC Team and its customer after the event