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Busy cleaning teams in offices, schools, healthcare settings, airports, and other public venues will soon have a new favorite tool on their cleaning trolleys: the EKOS Instant Saturation System. This fast, smart, safe, and environmentally friendly rapid saturation system cuts four hours from the conventional mop pre-saturating method, which delivers the cleaning detergent directly on-site, immediately as needed.

EKOS saves cleaning teams time

Before EKOS, mops required four hours of pre-saturation before use. In a fast-paced world where on-demand cleaning is necessary, this has created unacceptably long wait times for essential floor cleaning.

With EKOS, cleaning teams can saturate mops right on-site, where cleaning is needed, with no additional time or preparation needed.

EKOS empowers cleaning teams to respond to floor cleaning needs daily, or even hourly if necessary.

Smart and easy to use

IPC by Tennant Company designed EKOS to be smart, efficient, fast, and easy to use. There’s no extra training required for use because everything is intuitively designed. One simply has to push a lever to mist detergent directly into the flat mop on-site. Depending on the dirt, traffic, and size of the floor area to be cleaned, the lever can dispense either 50 ml or 100 ml of detergent directly into the cloth. A quickly removable tray allows for effortless cleaning.


The EKOS Instant Saturation System comes installed in a variety of cleaning trolleys that fit a variety of businesses, organizations, and public spaces, including:

EKOS is tailored to fit standard flat mops that measure 40 to 45 cm.

A safe instant saturation system

Products that dispense cleaning liquid into mops require safety features to protect both cleaning teams and those with whom they work. The EKOS Instant Saturation System has a built-in mechanical stop feature that prevents any accidental misting of the cleaning detergent before or after it’s needed. Additionally, the 5-liter capacity graduated containers each have a handle and a cap that features a lock that can only be opened with a safety key. This feature prevents any tampering or inappropriate use. The easy-to-engage lever also comes equipped with a safety hook that prevents inadvertent dispensing of the cleaning liquid.

EKOS: environmentally friendly floor cleaning

In a recent survey of global business leaders, it was clear that the vast majority (84% to be precise) of respondents understand and are making efforts to bring environmentally friendly solutions into the organizations they run.¹ Protecting the environment is a massive undertaking, and no aspect of daily business operations should be overlooked, including daily cleaning. IPC designed the EKOS Instant Saturation System with this consideration in mind as well.


The nozzles that mist and saturate the flat mops are designed to minimize waste and precisely distribute the cleaning detergent, so there is no waste. This is true of both the single-container version, which comes with two misting nozzles, and the double-container version, which comes with four misting nozzles. The EKOS saturates only the immediately necessary flat mops at the moment they are needed, which prevents the need to unnecessarily wash unused replacement cloths that may have been inadvertently saturated without being used. This further conserves resources and reduces waste and unnecessary expenses.

The EKOS Instant Saturation System: smart, safe, and environmentally friendly

Keeping the floors spotlessly clean in your office or organization should never be difficult or time-consuming. IPC has created the EKOS Instant Saturation System to make cleaning floors fast, easy, smart, safe, and eco-friendly. Just contact us today to find out more about EKOS and all our other professional cleaning solutions.




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