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A guided tour to professional outdoor cleaning


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For a hotel, cleanliness and a tidy appearance are fundamental elements for success. A pleasant setting instills confidence to the guests that they will find high quality care and standards.

Outdoor public areas are the first thing that guests see and use when they reach the facility. They are like credentials and can attract potential customers and affect their global judgment.

In outdoor areas, every element must be kept clean and in good repair. This is necessary not only to satisfy  occasional guests, but to build a good reputation and keep customers loyal.

Last but not least, it is essential to maintain an asset and preserve its value and this is perfectly in line with the Facility management diktat.


Outdoor public areas include such things as a building’s external facades, windows and surfaces, driving and parking areas, swimming pools, hot tubs, terraces etc, depending on the  type of premises.


Just like for indoor professional cleaning, IPC Group has prepared a guided tour for outdoor professional cleaning, that will propose appropriate cleaning solutions, with a problem solving approach.

Building’s exteriors/façades

High pressure washers are the best solution. The pressure washer takes off dust, chalk, mildew, and old paint using highly pressurized water and it is equally effective on stone, masonry and concrete, to remove light and moderate atmospheric and organic staining.

The IPC  high pressure cleaners range are compact, reliable and extremely light machines: perfect for basic cleaning operations.


The wider range includes many models, starting from the simple PW-C04P with axial pump and which is completely maintenance free,  to the PW-C22 P,  top in the domestic range, with an electric induction engine.  The PW-C21 is also recommended to clean light types of dirt: compact and handy, yet perfectly suitable for professional use. It can feature an optional dedicated trolley that makes it easier to move wherever needed, and it can be attached to a wall with a special hanger,  meaning it is always ready for use.


Graffiti removal is a special task. For this kind of problem, the best choice is IPC ECR: a patented machine with the standard functions of a high pressure washer but with a special graffiti removal system that uses pressurized water and an inert material for a low environmental impact cleaning process. Removing graffiti and heavy dirt can be done with  zero stress to the underlying surfaces. Easy to use and versatile, it can also be operated by untrained personnel such as painters and contract cleaning operators.

Window façades

Window cleaning is definitely one of the hardest job to perform: the level of dirt is generally high and in many cases you have to work at a considerable height from the ground, with all the risks that this involves.


However, recent innovative technological systems are here to help.


For high building window cleaning IPC introduces a self-climbing window cleaning system – the HighRise,  that can be operated via existing roof rigs. This system is operated wirelessly via remote control. Alternatively there is the HighPure system which only uses purified water and reduces cleaning times by up to 75% compared to conventional methods, saving labour costs and ensuring excellent results.


We suggest you to read our post about window cleaning here.

Driveways, pavements and parking areas

These areas must always be clean and well maintained as they represent the “business card” of the facility.

In the case of small parking areas, special trolleys with a full range of optionals can be the answer. IPC BRIX Collection is the perfect trolley for global waste collection. Bins have pedal operated lids that let operators work in maximum hygiene and six different bag holders make easy work of separating different types of waste.

For wide paved areas that require sweeping and the removal of sand, gravel and dead leaves, the use of a sweeper and scrubber drier is recommended.

Walk-behind sweepers with a dirt storage capacity of up to 35l can easily handle small surfaces of up to 300 sqm. IPC 464 and 664 models are battery powered pedestrian sweepers and are ideal to remove dirt and debris from hard floors.


The use of a specific vacuum can also help to make daily cleaning operations easier and faster, like IPC Flowmix vacuum system. This technology provides the sucking power of a traditional 3-motors-vacuum, making it ideal for vacuuming debris and heavy materials with a remarkable energy consumption saving.


For large-scale surfaces, IPC ride-on vacuum sweepers 1250 and 1280 , all equipped with a special “V” shape main brush, ensure maximum performance for standard debris collection and the special flap, activated from the driver’s position, can handle larger debris collection.


In addition, the self-levelling mechanical system ensures perfect adherence between brush and floor at all times.


Cold water high-pressure cleaners are generally brought into operation if there are stubborn stains to remove, e.g. moss, lichen, bird droppings, moisture stains, chewing gum or food residues. Care should be taken to ensure that enough water is available to loosen the dirt easily and transport it away from the area (600 l/h and higher);  our vertical models PW-C23 and PW-C25 are the answer.

Hot water high-pressure cleaners are more suitable for removing grease, oil and fuel stains – ideal in parking areas and underground garages. Our PW-H28 and PW-H50, equipped with exclusive and advanced electronic systems ensure a higher reliability and reduce maintenance stops and costs.

Swimming pools and hot tubs

Pools require regular maintenance so that they are always ready for use.

They have to be clean and in good condition and, most important of all, they must meet public health standards.

In order to meet those requirements you need high pressure washers that can remove stains from the rim of your pool  (even with cold water), vacuums and brushes (when pools are empty and dry).



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