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We all know that cleaning outdoor areas requires much more time and effort than indoor cleaning. The solution to optimise results, effort and time is to use a high-pressure washer.


The high pressure washer is indeed an essential tool for cleaning outdoor areas in domestic and commercial environnement. Dispensing high-pressure water can quickly and effectively remove dirt, including stubborn and encrusted dirt in the trickiest points. You can also use detergents that are placed in a special tank on the machine or attached to the lance.


There are different models, cold-water or hot-water, powerful and high-performance, with specific features and accessories for multiple needs and applications for all sectors.


With its versatility the high pressure washer can be used, for example, for washing outdoor furniture and vehicles; as well as for deeper and periodic cleaning of terrace floors, driveways and paths. It can also be a valuable ally for the extraordinary maintenance of hard to reach surfaces such as facades and external walls.


There are countless advantages to using a high-pressure washer:

  • Achieves excellent cleaning results even on stubborn dirt, saving time and effort.
  • Allows you to limit detergent use thanks to the effectiveness of the high-pressure jet.
  • Reduces water consumption.
  • The use is simple and intuitive: all you need is a garden hose and an electrical outlet to connect the pressure washer to.
  • It can be used in various areas, even for more specific work thanks to the large number of accessories available.


When choosing the proper high-pressure washer, it is necessary to evaluate a few specifications. The most important are the pressure and the water flow rate.

When purchasing a high-pressure machine, it is important to consider our needs first in order to avoid getting a machine that does not meet our expectations.

You should then consider these specifications:

  1. Pressure
  2. Flow rate
  3. Power supply
  4. Power
  5. Possibility of having hot water in addition to cold water
  6. Accessories


The pressure is the power the water is delivered with and is measured in Pascal and/or bar. In order to remove dirt from surfaces, the pressure should be set properly with the appropriate devices, especially to respect the materials we would like to wash and to avoid wasting water.


The flow rate means the volume of water dispensed in one hour (l/h). Entry level models usually have a flow rate around 400/500 l/h; while this is higher in models for professional use.


High-pressure washers can be electrically powered or can be equipped with an endothermic motor. The most common machines are electrically powered, but when the electrical supply is not available or electrical power is not enough to guarantee the required performance, high-pressure cleaners with endothermic motors are the most appropriate choice.


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Power is indicated in Watts or Kilowatts for electric models and/or in HP for models equipped with an endothermic motor.


Power is directly proportional to pressure and flow rate. The higher the power, the quicker and more effective the cleaning action will be.


A hot-water high-pressure cleaner, equipped with a diesel or electric boiler, is the best choice for reducing cleaning time, especially on stubborn dirt or in the case of greasy residues. The high water temperature is indeed very effective in removing grease and oil stains easily.


Cold-water machines, on the other hand, are the most commonly used outdoor cleaning machines and are suitable for removing general dirt from tiles, driveway and pathway floors, walls and external facades.


The variety of available accessories extend the functionality and versatility of the high-pressure washer. Lances and nozzles are usually included with the high-pressure cleaner package. More specific accessories, however, can be purchased additionally.

  • Nozzles: rotating, flat, adjustable, foaming devices.
  • Brushes: fixed, rotating and telescopic.
  • Specific accessories: floor washers for large areas, high-pressure hoses for gouging/cleaning or sandblasting accessories to remove rust and paint.


IPC has a complete range of hot and cold water high pressure washers.

  • Cold water high pressure washers with power ratings from 1.8kW to 22kW, pressure from 120bar (12Mpa) to 500bar (50Mpa) and flow rates from 400l/h to 2500l/h – can be used to remove stubborn dirt from all type of surfaces.
  • Hot water high pressure washers with power ratings from 2.1kW to 36kW, pressures from 120bar (12Mpa) to 250bar (25Mpa) and flow rates from 430l/h to 1300l/h  – are suitable for surfaces with grease, oil and fuel stains, etc. Ideal, for example, for parking areas, garages and vehicles. The hot water pressure washers, equipped with innovative electronic systems, guarantee operator safety and reliable results while reducing maintenance costs.


IPC solutions include the Green Jet – a weed-killing system that uses hot water.


Green Jet is recommended for removing weeds through the power of hot water, without the use of a herbicide. It is ideal for those environments and activities where chemical herbicides are not allowed, such as in municipalities, public spaces, agriculture and maintenance of green areas. Excellent results are visible after just a few days from the first use: the treatment reduces the regrowth of weeds and ensures their total removal.


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