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IPC Eagle: Ultra Pure Window Cleaning Systems

Create mineral-free water with a Reverse Osmosis, de-ionization process. You can use normal tap water to produce high volumes of Ultra Pure water.

Bring your Window Cleaning In-House

The Ultra Pure Window cleaning system is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require additional tools to get all of your window cleaning done. They can clean up to 5 stories high safely from the ground. All that is needed is normal tap pressure.

Windows Stay Cleaner Longer

The reverse osmosis de-ionization system produces entirely mineral-free water which eliminates the need for chemicals when cleaning. Not only is the chemical-free approach environmentally-friendly, it helps the clean appearance of the windows. When cleaning with chemicals, a sticky residue is left behind that can attract dust and dirt. With pure water, no residue is left behind and the windows dry streak-free.

Faster Cleaning

With no longer needing to climb up and down ladders and sliding ladders from window-to-window, cleaning windows can be done in half of the time.