Innovation-based R&D

The attention towards the rapidly changing needs of the market has led IPC to develop an R&D department that is strongly focused on studying machines and systems with highly innovative technological content. We work to organize products on highly industrialized platforms, thus enabling IPC to efficiently manage new projects through the following processes:

  • Market trends analysis
  • Technical studies
  • Prototype development
  • Testing activities
  • Development of dedicated technical documentation
  • Standardization and development on platforms
  • Standardization of spare parts

Tailored R&D

With continuous communication and the ability to listen to the needs of our customers and the market, IPC has been able to devote part of our extremely proactive R&D area to developing and prototyping tailor made solutions.

  • Customer needs analysis
  • High customization of the machines for specific uses
  • Aesthetic customization of the product