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IPC Eagle CT5

Odor-Free Cleaning

The CT5 works as a much more effective floor cleaning solution compared to a mop and bucket. It can remove more dirt and grime from the floor when compared to cleaning with a mop and bucket. Scrubbers are constantly using clean solution from the solution tanks instead of spreading around dirty water as a mop and bucket do.

Click here for a demonstration video.

Fits where other scrubbers cannot:

The CT5 is one of the smallest scrubbers on the market. Its low profile allows it to squeeze under low spaces such as beneath bathroom stalls or underneath sinks. Its patent-pending drying in reverse technology makes it so that the turning of the machine is no longer required, so no turn radius is necessary.

Easily transported:

The CT5 weighs only 44 pounds, which makes it possible to carry the mini scrubber up and down stairs. It can be moved from room-to-room with the ability to fit onto a standard cleaning cart. It can also be easily transported by car to move from school to school.

Immediate Drying

The CT5 is perfect for removing grease and oils in food service areas to help eliminate slippery floors. It has two squeegees – one in the front and one in the back – as well as a vacuum system to pick up any water as it is cleaning, perfect for picking up spills or entryways to help reduce the risk of slips and falls.