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A high-end hotel in Chicago is using IPC Eagle’s CT51 HS600 High-Speed Scrubber to shine their floors and impress their guests!


A high-end hotel in Chicago was needing something to help with keeping their floors clean and shiny, along with helping to impress their guests. They scheduled a demonstration with IPC Eagle to test out one of the newest models: the CT51 HS600 high speed automatic scrubber.


The CT51 HS600 cleans by using pads at high speeds of 600 rpm to both clean and polish floors in the same process. They require much less water and chemical (approximately 90% less) and eliminate the need for periodic maintenance for shining the floors, both in which assist in cost-savings.


The hotel, along with the contractor that cleans the hotel, loved the machine and chose to purchase the unit. They now use it every night to maintain the shine and impress their guests with their immaculate floors.


To learn more about the High Speed series, click here to schedule a demonstration with IPC Eagle.

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