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One year of IPC Blog. One year worldwide.

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9th December 2016

Yes, time flies!
One year has passed since we started the IPC blog and so many things have happened in these 365 days.


We have worked hard to introduce you to our world: we launched new company and product videos, we took part in important events and made detailed reports, we kept you updated on our new products with our Newsletters, we refreshed our Linkedin profile …
Through textual and visual posts we wanted to deliver our identity as a company and our business news to you, with the aim of making you, our valued customer, a part of our Group.


Let’s go through the last 12 months together!

The cleanest blog ever

The IPC blog has become our journal and it is a permanent token of the group’s commitment to put the User/Customer at the center of our focus.


We thought we would capture your attention with our thematic posts, sharing valuable know-how and helping you with our suggested best practices. We hope we succeeded in providing quick and pragmatic responses to your daily questions and needs.


Those were our main objectives when we issued our guides to indoor and outdoor cleaning or the overviews on cleaning in the healthcare sector.


Your attentive feedback is extremely helpful in supporting us and with your constant help new reports will come out next year.


In addition, we also wanted you to participate in our worldwide events:
the IPC group travelled literally from East to West, from Moscow to Roca del Valles (Spain), attending major trade shows such as CleanExpo in Russia, CMS in Germany, Europropre in France, Pulire in Italy, and ending up in La Roca del Valles, near Barcellona, where we were sponsors of the Prehistorica mountain bike race.


A worldwide presence for IPC Group!

Our videos

We took the opportunity at the Pulire 2017 exhibition to launch our new corporate video. The concept behind the video was that we wanted to share with you what we feel, what we do and what we believe in, positive to have you by our side when we say that:


“… our world is a world of people. A clean world”.

Our customer-centered belief has pushed us to work by your side, understanding your real needs in order to provide sensible solutions and adequate instruments to help you in your daily job.


Our videos focused on our machines and manual equipment, because we believe that our products can really turn your daily job into an easy and effortless one, leaving you more time to do what you love.

Newsletters to keep you up-to-date

We have committed ourselves to keeping you up-to-date with our informative newsletters about products, new launches, exclusive and innovative technologies, all conceived with caring respect for the environment and for users.


We were gratified to see your interest, to read your replies and specific requests, that we are always eager to satisfy, everyday.


We did and do our best to reach you wherever you are, and make you a part of the IPC world, through press releases in sector magazines, issues on digital tools and our brand new App.


For next year, we will continue getting you involved in our activities, growing together and living new exciting experiences.


You will always find them fully reported in the IPC blog, the cleanest blog ever.


Keep on reading us!