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An after-sales team working with great efficiency in providing experienced technical service, also with dedicated documentation, onsite assistance to the customers’ premises, telephone helpline, and an accurate warranty management is the flagship of a reliable and successful company. 


However, a professional and quality after sale service could be ineffectual if the type of parts and consumables used to repair and replace worn or broken parts are not OEM components. 


Indeed, ensuring a high-quality service from trained technicians, doing their job with parts and components of tested quality is absolutely crucial to grant a correct maintenance and durable machines. 

What is OEM meaning?

The acronym stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, and it is very important to keep in mind its meaning when you need to purchase and replace consumables for your cleaning machines. 


The original equipment manufacturers are those manufactured by the same company that made the equipment/ machine that you need to repair. 


Do the OEM parts make the difference if compared with the aftermarket parts, produced by any other company? 

YES indeed! 


OEM parts vs “aftermarket parts”: what’s the difference?

OEM products are going to match what is being replaced and that guarantees function and quality. You will be getting the same performance you expect and need from your equipment with an OEM replacement part, because it was designed and tested under the same rigorous manufacturer standards. 


Meanwhile, the aftermarket parts are generally designed to work on as many machines as possible. Prices can be extremely competitive, but the product could be of low quality, with the risk to waste your money. And we well know that risk is enemy of efficiency. 

Why should you buy OEM parts?

OEM parts provide the machine to work with trusty and effective cleaning results, allowing you to save additional staff costs for repairing, because they are not negatively impacting the equipment performance as often non-OEM components do. 


Last but not least, we cannot ignore the pleasant feeling that “everything goes for the best” when you start the installation of an OEM part on your equipment! The installation process turns to be smooth and easy, and it continues with a perfect cleaning performance, regular and quiet. 


Therefore, think about these 3 letters when you have to replace components in your equipment! Do not forget that they can have a significant impact on its durability in the future.  


The benefits are very impressive: 

  • Quality 
  • Same performance 
  • Durability 
  • Ease of replacement 



For more information, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!