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Welcome to India!

21 August 2023, New Delhi

Mr. Markus Haefeli, VP APAC, Tennant Co. USA & Mr. Eduardo Pousada, Sr. Director Finance APAC

A warm reception marked the visit of Mr. Markus Haefeli, VP APAC, Tennant Co. USA & Mr. Eduardo Pousada, Sr. Director Finance APAC, to the IPC Tennant India HO at New Delhi.

Followed by the reception ritual of tilak and garlanding, the guests were welcomed into the office where the formal introductions with the employees took place.

In order that the visiting VP could outline the strategic objectives and the business roadmap for the future, a meeting was organized at the HO. The meeting was attended by the team at the HO and online by the rest of the IPC branches from across India.

Extending a warm welcome to the guests, IPC Tennant India MD Mr. Tony Chazhoor introduced the entire IPC team and invited the guests to speak to the gathering.

Opening his address Mr. Markus Haefeli thanked Mr. Chazhoor and the team for the hospitality.

While talking about the business roadmap he said “India with its young population base, skilled workforce and strong upcoming infrastructure is considered one of the two main APAC growth areas. Indian market is very attractive and interesting, in which ‘Tennant’ would like to invest further.”

He mentioned “IPC India has shown impressive growth and expanded its footprint over the years to have 15 branches across India. On a standalone basis, with its people, network and logistics, it has done it all by itself. From the Tennant perspective in the US, the focus would be to help IPC Tennant India grow strong and very fast. That could be achieved by integrating the ‘Tennant value proposition’ into the IPC India business plans by focusing on high value ’Tennant’ products”

On a short and busy tour of India with many planned customer visits and other engagements, he said he was hopeful. “It will be a nice introduction to the Indian market and an opportunity to add more value to the business for the future.”