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IPC frames combine lightweight, productivity and efficiency. Hook loop fasteners, flaps or pockets there is always a frame for your needs. Ideal to reach even the most difficult points.


Wooden, Painted, Aluminum, Glass fiber, Chromed or Ergonomic there is always an handle for your need. All our handles are available with hole or italian thread and in different sizes.


A completely new microfibers range, designed for every application area and for different types of surface.


Hygienic, convenient and effective are the main features of the IPC disposables range. If you have to wash or dust, IPC provides always the right solution to all the cleaning needs.


Cotton/Acrylic range comprises a wide variety of sweepers, mop replacements, kentucky mops and socket mops ideal for sweeping and washing of each type of surface.


IPC offers sweeper for indoor and outdoor cleaning but also for food areas.

Pads & Holder

To remove even the most encrusted dirt IPC offers a wide range of pads for each surfaces.


Dusters is are the fundamental tools to remove the dusts form the furniture, shelves, ecc.