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The Vibrance of 25- IPC India Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The evening wore a festive look as IPC India marked its silver jubilee on the resplendent lawns of ‘Vibe by The Lalit’ hotel on 29th October, 2021. The jubilee day was aptly termed the ‘Family Day’. The families of the employees were in full attendance and celebrating at all the 15 IPC branches across India. The evening got underway with a lamp lighting ceremony where guests such as Edward Dsouza, President, Service MASTER India and Rupal Sinha, CEO, Integrated Facilities Management Services, Quess Corp Ltd. were requested to do the honours along with Bikram Chadha, Managing Director, Impression Services Pvt. Ltd. and Tony Chazhoor, Managing Director of IPC India. Also present were Reya Tony, wife of Tony Chazhoor, Anil Sathe, DGM, IPC India and Dheemanth CR, National Business Development Manager, Tennant Company. A cake cutting ceremony took place at all 15 branches simultaneously to commemorate the occasion. While delivering his presidential address on the occasion, Mr. Tony Chazhoor commended the IPC team for being a group of humble people who always delivered on their promises, no matter what they undertook. He added that “IPC’s standing in the Indian market today, is a testimony to the team’s courage, skill and consistent hard work. IPC’ians have every reason to celebrate this milestone. I am proud of you all” Paying his gratitude to the company’s customers, he said “they are the very purpose of us being in business. A special note of thanks was given to Sumeet Khurana, one of the founding leaders of IPC India and to Bikram Chadha, who has been a customer of the company for more than two decades. As the event was going live across India and to Tennant (Minneapolis) USA along with IPC (Portogruaro) Italy, Chazhoor also thanked Fabrizio Busolini, EMEA Director, Master Distribution & Private Label, Tennant Company and Pat Schottler, VP, Asia Pacific Business Unit, Tennant Company for their presence. He acknowledged Giulio Vernazza, former Executive MD, Tennant EMEA and IPC Global, for being instrumental in driving the growth of IPC India to what it is today. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the brochure of Tennant Co. and its premium products, which will be an addition to the IPC portfolio from now on. He concluded by thanking and assuring all the customers, employees, families, vendors, well-wishers, and friends that IPC would not leave no stone unturned in its endeavour to delight everyone with unparalleled excellence in its operations, with all the humility at its disposal.

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