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‘IPC Tennant India’- Service Training Program held at IPC Pune 25-27 October 2023

The service training program sponsored by ‘IPC Tennant India’ aimed to enhance the technical skills and knowledge of our entire service team from across India.

Delivered by Mr. Ivo Pravato (IPC Portotecnica) & Mr. Erasmo Lazazzara (IPC Gansow), the training spanned 3 days, with a focus on the transfer of knowledge from the experienced foreign trainers on the IPC Gansow and Portotecnica product line-up. The participants were introduced to the latest industry best practices and emerging technologies highlighting a broader understanding of global trends and standards.

Training Content: The curriculum included a comprehensive range of topics, such as:

Advanced Technical Skills: In-depth training on the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies related to the maintenance of the product line.

Emerging Technologies: Exploration of cutting-edge technologies shaping the industry landscape.

Case Studies: Real-world case studies illustrating successful implementations and problem-solving approaches.Interactive Workshops: Hands-on sessions to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

Q&A Sessions: Opportunities for participants to engage directly with the foreign trainers and clarify doubts.

At ‘IPC Tennant India’ the investment in continuous learning with a global perspective aligns with our commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving technical landscape.


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