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IPC India- 7th Annual Conference- New Delhi 10-11 February’ 2022

Fast Forward!

IPC India held its annual conference on 10-11 February 2022. The two-day online event was attended by all IPC employees from their respective branches. As always, the meeting was a high point for exchanging business ideas and for the leaders, managers to present their business synopses of the past year and prognoses for 2022.

The conference opened with a welcome speech and a keynote address by IPC India MD, Mr. Tony Chazhoor. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Tony Chazhoor congratulated the IPC team for its brave and professional performance during the year gone by. He stated that “despite the pandemic odds faced due to frequent lockdowns, IPC as an organization performed really well and returned good figures, which in turn speaks volumes about the trust it has built in the market over the years. Our clients keep affirming their faith in our products and our processes.”

He spoke about the organizational goals for the years ahead, encouraged the team to continue doing the good work, and put in the concerted efforts to climb ever higher. His mantra- “One day or day one. You decide”

Also joining the virtual meet was Mr. Pat Schottler, VP Asia Pacific business unit of the Tennant company, now the parent organization of IPC. He congratulated the India team for their differentiated ability and impressive track record of growth. While talking about the 152 years old Tennant Company and its operations the world over, he emphasized the core values on which the company is built, viz. “Ethics, Integrity and Stewardship”. As IPC India also takes charge of selling the Tennant products from this year, he reiterated that he remains committed to helping IPC India achieve its aspirations.

The speech was followed by the business presentations by the leaders of the different IPC branches. The performances were appreciated and corrective actions were advised where necessary.

The second day was marked by more business presentations and an open house session for leaders to discuss challenges and new business opportunities. Employees with a service span of 5 years were awarded a ‘Long Service Award’ by Mr. Chazhoor, who thanked them for all the hard work and their continued loyalty to the organization.

Awards were also given to the team members in various categories for their fine performances over the last year. In his closing address, Mr. Tony Chazhoor thanked the IPC team and called for staying together and working towards the common goals to elevate the business and in turn careers of all.

Notwithstanding the pandemic-related restrictions and travel curbs, the conference other than the business discussions exhibited bonhomie and cohesiveness amongst the IPC team members, that it has come to represent over the years.




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