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“We visited Clean India Pulire in Mumbai and we have been impressed by IPC’s cleaning solutions. So many machines and manual equipment, we really liked them!

 – a comment we received 4 days after the exhibition closed from one of our visitors and are very happy to share it with all of you.



This year, Clean India did not end with the exhibition: many visitors contacted us after the show because they liked our products, and others started following us on social media, appreciating the footage of the exhibition and its best moments.


We regard these results as the most motivating feedback to our initiatives.


In this edition, IPC India, together with the IPC sales representatives Michele Redi and Fabrizio Busolini, was present with two different booths, one for machines and another for manual equipment.


Two IPC “green” booths were created to showcase our novelties and best products, complete with demos, on-hand technicians to assist visitors, and all our enthusiastic team to service our visitors.

We were particularly proud to introduce the newest scrubber driers (CT51 and CT71) together with the wide range of sweepers for floorcare cleaning.


We also cannot forget the wide range of high pressure cleaners, with both cold and hot water models on show.


Vacuums were on show too and the Skyvac Industrial model with a mounted camera received a great reaction during its demo.


IPC’s commitment to eco-sustainability was epitomized by two products: the Green Tube and the Steam Generator. The former is a window cleaning system using just pure water technology to avoid any pollutant from chemical detergents, boosting efficiency and safety at the same time. IPC’s Steam Generators are at home in any kind of situation: steam is safe and versatile, adaptable to all environments, dissolving and removing all types of dirt with no use of chemicals. In addition, steam saves time, cleaning and disinfecting with just one single pass.


For the first time, IPC decided to put into the spotlight of the exhibition its manual equipment:  trolleys, window cleaning tools, frames, mops.  All those tools that are unavoidable and are indeed making daily professional’s cleaning activities easier and more efficient.

Clean India PULIRE

For those who are not familiar with the Clean India PULIRE exhibition, here is some quick info.


At its 15th edition, Clean India PULIRE is becoming the leading Asian expo concerning Cleanliness & Hygiene solutions.


This year it was set in Mumbai.  As always, its scope was clear: a three day event filled with seller-buyer meetings, knowledge sharing sessions and entertainment. As far as recognition and networking, the exhibition saw the coming together of Municipal Commissioners and managers from healthcare, pharmaceutical, horeca and other crucial sectors.


This show is the key forum for producers and traders promoting their cleaning products, tools, machines, equipment, and virtually any cleaning solution.


The Clean India show is a community and a gateway for each trader in the cleaning business, promoting meetings and interactions between B2B manufacturers and dealers in the industry and Facility Management companies.

The experience of IPC India

We asked Tony Chazhoor, managing director of IPC’s Indian branch, to share with us his team’s experience of the exhibition. Starting from the ribbon cut on the first day the show was sure to be a success and we can’t help but asking him:

  • how was the exhibition?

«This edition of Clean India has really exceeded itself. We have been positively impressed meeting visitors from all over India and from different sectors: it was a record-breaking show with over 10,000 actual buyers visiting the expos.  IPC booths attracted more than 480 visitors and a lot of active enquiries. This proves that the potential of the cleaning market in India is growing.»


  • What kind of feedback did you receive from the visitors?

«Visitors at our booths were very attentive and interested in our products and we have been able to meet their requirement. We had the ministries, government bodies, municipal corporations, airports, airlines, multinational corporations, malls, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities… every sector had walked in and sought solutions.


The most appreciated IPC Products, which has caught the imagination of the visitors, are CT51 BT 70 scrubber dryer, PW-H100 HP washer and the GREEN TUBE.


Nonetheless, for the first time we have dedicated a show area to IPC manual equipment with our heroes products such as Black is Green trolleys, Cleano range for windows and surfaces cleaning and the new frames. Visitors showed a certain interest in it.»


  • Seen the exhibition, which are the next challenges of the cleaning sector?

«The expos have been able to get visitors even from smaller cities across India and from second level companies, where the demand for cleaning is growing and most required.»

Tony Chazhoor | Video Interview at Clean India 2017

Rajesh Wariar | Video Interview at Clean India 2017