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Another Christmas is coming and we are all looking forward to the days of leisure and tranquility that await us. During this time we will enjoy the warmth of our family, our loved ones, our friends, in total relaxation and hopefully around a beautiful table spread!


But before we leave 2018 behind us, have you put everything in place to start big in the new year?


At IPC, we thought that a to-do list could be useful, with suggestions and proposals to farewell 2018 and welcome 2019 by starting in the right gear!


To help you create your “to-do” list, here are our 5 little questions:

1. Are you sure you have the right tools and equipment to make 2019 shine ?

Make sure you have everything you need for a spic and span year: vacuum cleaners that capture even the smallest grain of dust; washer-dryer that turn any floor into a shiny surface; high-pressure washers that disintegrate molds and grease on any outdoor floor; cloths, microfibres and glass cleaning equipment that make your windows brighter than before.


2. Did you read all our posts in the IPC Blog?

Our Blog is now a customary appointment where we try to present information, advice and suggestions on cleaning methods that we judge to be effective, fast and sustainable. This is because we value you as are our partners and we want to keep you at the center of our attention, as your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We would like to put our best practices at your service and share with you our experiences and expertise.


Did you read our newsletters or did you miss any of them? Maybe the one you missed had the solution to clean that stain on your carpet or to perfectly sanitize the tiles in the kitchen!


Our Blog is also the place where we keep you updated on our exhibitions and our participation in international events, to relive them with you and to thank you again for joining us there.


You did not overlook them, did you?

3. Do you follow us on YouTube?


Did you see our illustrative videos, presentations and tutorials uploaded to our YouTube channel? They are designed to help you step by step, in your daily cleaning activities and to show you that our solutions can be the most effective.

4. ... and what about Instagram and LinkedIn?

This year we took part in trade shows in Las Vegas, Oslo, Amsterdam, Manila and New Delhi. To remember these events with you we decided to upload on to Instagram and on LinkedIn, our favorite social networks, the pictures, videos and shots of the good time spent together. If you do not remember having seen them, then spare 10 minutes, relax and take a look!

5. In your letter to Santa Claus have you expressed your desire to receive an IPC product as a gift?

Our catalogues are rich in cleaning solutions that are easy, ergonomic, sustainable and suitable to your each and every specific need. Browse through our catalogues or download our App in order to always have an IPC answer to your cleaning problems close at hand.


If you have answered positively to all these questions, you can definitely go on vacation and relax without a worry. Otherwise… you still have a few days to make up for that.


In both cases we will be waiting for you in 2019, with respect and affection, to work together throughout a year that we trust will be fruitful and rich in new things and pleasant surprises.


Season’s greetings to all of you!