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Another year has passed, and Christmas is just around the corner!  We are all looking forward to a few days of relaxation and tranquility to enjoy with our family, friends and loved ones.


But it is also time to look back on the year that is about to end and we at IPC would like to review with you how far we have come together and the many experiences we have shared.


We are now certain that you have become an active part of our blog.


During 2019 you have shown interest in the topics that we have been dealing with in our posts: your  satisfaction is our primary goal, which is why we wish to put our best practises and expertise at your service.


With 2019 in its final stages, we look back at the 5 most popular posts from our Blog as chosen by our readers.

1. Ergonomics and work. Why this combination is needed

We are all aware of the health and safety risks workers are exposed to and how those risks can affect their working life.


In an occupation where muskuloskeletal disorders are the most common and frequent occupational disease in Europe, it is important that companies do their best to preserve workers wellbeing: that’s where ergonomics comes into play.


All IPC products take care of user ergonomic requirements.

2. The importance of keeping a factory neat and tidy

Factories have come a long way since the Industrial Revolution, They have achieved a very high level of technical innovations and working conditions for employees have greatly improved.


Effective cleaning solutions help industries to keep a high level of safety and efficiency on their premises, avoiding environmental and health hazards and, in the end, provide flawless products to the market.


IPC provides different and specific cleaning best practises, solutions and equipments for each specific industry to clean: floors, walls, ceilings, windows, office furniture, plant production equipment and outdoor spaces.

3. Why and when to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner?

The structure of an industrial vacuum cleaner is sturdy, often made of steel and sometimes painted with a protective varnish. The industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with an engine able to generate a considerable depression and delivering a high suction efficiency.


Industrial vacuums are designed to ensure:

  • excellent performance;
  • cleaning efficiency at the highest level since they can work continuously for a long time;
  • reduction of costs due to the long life of the machine;
  • maximum efficiency, even with fine powders due to the absolute filters with a filtering efficiency of       99,99%;
  • maximum safety, even in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones).

4. How to clean solar panels

Considering that negleting to properly clean solar panels leads to an immediate decrease in energy, what is the best way to take care of them?


Simply replying on rain is not the ideal solution because rainfall is not able to clear away encrustation, leaves and water stains. So we have 3 possible solutions:


  • distilled or de-ionized water-fed poles used in conjunction with suspended access equipment or rope techniques;
  • brushes with extensions, even if this tradional manual equipment may be unworkable on wider surfaces;
  • IPC HighPure technology, a telescopic /modular extension pole that, together with a four stage water purification system, delivers a comfortable clean and ensures safety at heights of 15/20 meters from the ground.

5. A ride-on or walk-behind sweeper? That is the question

Sweepers play a fundamental role in todays’s cleaning activities: they are used as a first step to remove all the debris spread out on floors of all types of surfaces.

When you talk about sweepers, there are two main categories to be taken into account: ride-on and walk-behind models.


To choose the right version, consider the following:

  • The size of the area to be cleaned: is it large or small, is it full of obstacles, does it allow high manoeuvrability or not;
  • The working time required to perform all the sweeping operations;
  • The frequency of use.


The well-deserved holidays await us! But, you can always read the posts you may have missed or read more while waiting for the new ones in 2020!


In any case, we look forward to meeting you again in the new year, and to work together throughout  2020 and we hope the new year will be fruitful, full of news and pleasant surprises.


Season’s greetings to all of you from the IPC team!


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