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The market for professional cleaning services like window cleaning is growing quickly. In fact, this market is expected to expand to more than $92 billion globally by 2027.¹ The demand for keeping offices, commercial buildings, and shops clean comes from their customer base, 80% of whom report that clean office and shop surroundings meant more to them than gimmicks or marketing experiences.² Clearly, clean windows matter.

Clean windows play a key role in improving customer impressions and creating positive working environments.


Whether it’s providing an inviting view for potential customers or maximizing natural light to reduce eye strain, give more inspiration and boost productivity for employees, the importance of pristine windows cannot be overlooked.


So, whether you run a window cleaning business or have a cleaning crew for your shop or office, it’s important to ensure your team has the best professional window cleaning equipment and the right procedures to keep those windows sparkling.


Clean windows give your customers the impression of attention to detail and professionalism, so make sure to follow these tips (and avoid the “don’ts” below) to ensure your windows always shine. Here are some of the critical dos and don’ts for professional window cleaning.


Professional window cleaning: five do

1. Do find out what kind of glass you are cleaning

Most windows on commercial buildings and shops aren’t just “glass”, but tempered glass, often with a variety of tinting applications that help provide some UV protection. Professional window cleaners need to know this, so they can choose the right type of window-cleaning liquid and window-cleaning tools to protect the tinting layer on the outside. Knowing what kind of glass is on the building will enable you to choose the correct cleanser and window cleaning equipment for the job.

2. Do clean outdoor windows in the shade choosing the right squeegee

Cleaning windows in full sunlight can dry up the window-washing fluid so quickly that it causes streaks. This is true for both indoor and outdoor window cleaning. Schedule window cleaning when they are on the shady side of the building and make sure to use clean squeegees and microfiber cloths to wipe away any residue for a bright, streak-less finish.

3. Do use the correct squeegee techniques

Using the right squeegee technique can quickly dry and clean windows while minimizing streaks:

  • After thoroughly washing the window with liquid and scrubbing it with the appropriate window cleaning pads, start to squeegee the window from the upper left corner and pull straight across to the far right side.
  • Use a cloth to dry the squeegee.
  • Repeat this process, working from left to right, straight across and down the window, drying the squeegee edge after each stroke.
  • Wipe any edges or missed spots with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

4. Do wipe down the sills and frames

Whether you’re working on the indoor or outdoor sides of the windows, make sure to wipe down the frames and sills where extra dirt and grime can easily accumulate over time.

5. Do take safety precautions and use extension poles for higher windows

If you are cleaning outdoor windows on the side of the building, make sure to use the correct, industry-standard safety precautions to keep yourself and your window cleaning staff safe. Also, using the right equipment, like telescoping window cleaning poles, can make the job safer and more efficient.


Professional window cleaning: five don'ts

1. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners

Again, it’s important to know what type of glass you’re cleaning so you can choose the right type of window cleaning liquid for the job at hand. For example, ammonia-based window cleaning liquids can have bad reactions with window tinting layers. Vinegar-based solutions can work well for many window-cleaning situations. When cleaning indoor windows, choose pure water or liquids with minimal smell and fumes to protect indoor air quality. Always follow the instructions for diluting the liquid cleaner with the right proportion of water for best results.

2. Don’t neglect the window cleaning schedule

Window cleaning should never be an afterthought for your business. Make sure to engage your window cleaning service on a regular schedule or have a cleaning calendar for your cleaning team that includes periodic indoor and outdoor window cleaning tasks, so your windows always sparkle. Urban buildings with a lot of vehicle traffic nearby may need to be cleaned more frequently.

3. Don’t use abrasive equipment and paper towels

All window cleaning equipment should be effective without being abrasive. Abrasive cleansers, brushes, and cloths can scratch glass and tint layers.

4. Don’t run out of clean microfiber cloths

When there is a big commercial window cleaning job ahead, make sure that your window cleaning team has a good stock of clean microfiber cloths, so they don’t have to get up and down or leave the area to get more.

5. Don’t forget both sides of the window

Cleaning the inside of a window is different from cleaning the outside of a window, but both sides matter for the best, clearest view from either side. The outside part of your building’s windows may accumulate more dirt and grime from weather, dust, and grime from nearby roads, making the cleaning process a little more involved. The indoor windowpanes require cleansers that do not negatively impact indoor air quality, since workers and customers inside need to breathe fresh air.

Make sure your windows display your business to your customers and employees in a positive light by following this professional window cleaning tips and using the right commercial window cleaning equipment.


The right tools can make both indoor and outdoor window cleaning so much easier and more efficient.


Contact IPC to discuss which window cleaning tools would work best for your company’s needs.






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