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Nowadays, the agricultural industry is required to meet high hygiene standards. Not only is cleanliness a question of appearance, but the health of crops and livestock is at stake. Excess dirt, grime, and any type of contamination can be passed from the farm to end-consumer products if producers don’t pay enough attention to regularly cleaning equipment and farm surroundings. It’s a big job, but high-pressure washers have been specially designed for cleaning up big areas and equipment. Just some of the areas that high-pressure washers can clean quickly and thoroughly include:

  • Livestock pens
  • Dairy milking areas
  • Poultry houses
  • Tractors and agricultural equipment
  • Produce storage areas
  • Silos

This list could go on, as farms and agricultural complexes are large, complex areas with a lot of cleaning needs. We will talk here about three main categories where high-pressure washers can help.

1. High-pressure washers for cleaning agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment covers a broad range of vehicles and machinery from combine harvesters, animal transportation trucks, and tractors to plows, balers, and irrigation systems. Because they work in dirty environments, they naturally pick up considerable amounts of dirt, grease, mud, pesticides, manure, dust, etc. every day. Without regular cleaning, all this dirt can build up within these important pieces of machinery, leading to lower performance, breakdowns, and high maintenance or replacement costs. In addition to the equipment itself, without regular cleaning, cross-contamination between fields and crops can be a problem too. High-pressure washers can help reduce these costs and risks.

2. High-pressure cleaners for cleaning livestock holding areas

The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) reports that livestock animals make up about 40% of global agricultural value, supporting the livelihoods of approximately one out of every five people in the world.¹ They also report that the spread of diseases among livestock is increasing. One way to address this issue is to improve livestock hygiene. High-pressure washers can reduce contamination and disease in livestock holding areas. They can completely and efficiently remove dirt, mud, and animal excrement from these environments, thereby improving the living conditions of livestock in a variety of farm settings.

3. Pressure washers for cleaning agricultural structures

Agricultural facilities have a wide range of structures and buildings to keep clean. From silos and bins to processing facilities and the areas where produce, milk, eggs, etc. are stored all of these areas must be cleaned regularly to protect the hygiene of the end product. High-pressure washers can provide the precision and power needed to clean these areas quickly and efficiently. 


Picture credits: IPC Brasil

Choosing the right high-pressure washers for farming and agriculture

IPC Worldwide produces several high-pressure washers that are great for big cleaning jobs in the agricultural industry. Some of them use hot water, and some of them use cold water. All of them are durable and efficient for heavy-duty use on the farm. They also conserve water while creating the strongest cleaning impact. Here are some of the most popular agricultural high-pressure washers we produce:



  • PW-C45: this high-pressure washer provides cold-water cleaning between 900 l/h and 190 bar.
  • PW-C55: with great maneuverability on unpaved and uneven surfaces, this machine removes dirt out from surfaces in either a 250-bar version or a 1300 l/h version.



  • PW-H31: hot water high-pressure washer for small to medium cleaning jobs with cleaning pressure up to 180 bar.
  • PW-H61: a hot water high-pressure washer for nearly all situations, this one is easy to use and built for a wide range of conditions.
  • PW-H101: this model removes especially stubborn grime and residue using up to 250-bar cleaning pressure.
  • PW-E100: this is the latest electric hot water high-pressure washer, ready to work where gas-powered equipment is off-limits.


IPC Worldwide develops specialized cleaning equipment for agricultural facilities and farms and is constantly working to deliver new state-of-the-art solutions. To talk with IPC Worldwide’s high-pressure washer experts about which model would best fit your agricultural facility’s cleaning needs, contact us today.



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