Brix (Black is Green) Features

Performances improved down to the last detail.

Key features

  • "Build your own" application allows flexibility to create, match and configure a configuration that best fits your needs
  • Exclusive technology made from more than 75% high quality recycled plastic
  • Ability to add to your cart as your needs grow - no longer need to purchase new cart
  • Add 2 or 4 doors with latch or lock & key
  • Add 2 or 4 drawers, accessible from both sides of the cart
  • Add counter-top system to protect documents from soil and water
  • Two bucket mop system - eliminate cross-contamination
  • Two collection bag system to separate recycling and laundry

Not all features are available for all product variants. Ask us for more info


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Where should I use it?

Each field of application requires specific products. Find yours easily.

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  • Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Small Areas (i.e. hallways and entryways)
  • Surface Cleaning

Type of dirt

  • Everyday Maintenance
  • Medium-Sized Jobs
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning