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Windows cleaning: a matter of tools or elbow grease?

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Among all cleaning operations, windows cleaning can be considered more like a challenge rather than a task!


It is for sure one of the toughest cleaning jobs around: when it comes to removing dirt, dripping water, fingerprints, marks, and residues from a window, it can be hard to get satisfactory results.


Professional cleaners cannot just rely on grandma’s advice to use vinegar and newsprint! And because of the way dirt moves around on glass, it creates a static charge that attracts new dust and dirt. So as soon as we think we have finished, the window looks dirty again.


However the market today offers such a huge variety of manual equipment and/or cleaning solutions, that window cleaning is easier, safer and more efficient.

How often should we clean window surfaces?

Even though there are no general rules about the frequency of window cleaning, it is obvious that a clean-looking living space gives to customers in a supermarket, to guests in a hotel, to patients in a hospital, a sense of confidence that they, too, will be well cared for.


At the same time we are aware that “businesses only get one chance to make a first impression”, therefore it has to be “a good one”.


By keeping our windows shiny, more impressive and effective, we will send out our message of professionalism.


Any professional window washer worldwide has the same goal: to get bright, clean, sparkle and streak-free window panes, for the complete satisfaction of his customers.

Do traditional methods still have place in the users’ mind?

Today we have different cleaning methods and tools, manual or mechanical, specifically studied for indoor or outdoor use.


As a matter of fact, professional window washers teach how indoor glass cleaning is very different from outdoor glass cleaning:


the level of dirt on outdoor glass is higher, and so is the risk when washing them, sometimes at a considerable height from the ground.


In any case, the wide range of manual tools and chemicals make for a more efficient way to clean windows, indoor and outdoor.


IPC offers a wide range of manual equipment including a specific line of high quality squeeges, equipped with new ergonomic and non-slip rubber handles, that grant a firm and safe grip even in tricky situations. Additional products, such as single or double buckets, sponges of any size, scrapers and any kind of fabrics, ensure a faster and more efficient job for professionals. Light and ergonomic telescopic poles that complement IPC’s range can reach high building windows safely from the ground, thus reducing the risk of working high up.

Is indoor cleaning really simpler than the outdoors?

Washing internal windows and mirrors is indeed a challenge: it ‘s not easy at all. Designers and architects, when they conceive modern buildings, don’t seem to consider the hardship of professional cleaning to the extent that in some areas it looks like there is no possibility to carry out cleaning operations safely and efficiently.


IPC are working with and for our commercial partners, and are fully experienced about their actual needs. The CLEANO full range was devised to give operators the perfect results they were looking for.


Cleano is the state of the art tool for indoor window cleaning and is a really innovative system recommended for its splash-free performances. With this tool, buckets, fleece, soapy water and squeeges are no longer needed! The featured microfiber mop ensures high performance in no time and with little labour. Lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to use, Cleano is ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces: its ergonomic handle and articulating pad holder make it a true effective solution even for everyday cleaning.


Cleano is technologically innovative because no detergent or chemical is required, just pure water. This is part of IPC’s commitment to sustainability and respect of environment.

And what about outdoor window cleaning?

In recent years, many cleaners have adopted more modern, technological and time efficient methods for outdoor window cleaning.

Cleaning robots
are now available on the market, most of them designed for big surfaces and commercial use. Robotic window cleaning systems have been implemented successfully on many high-rise buildings throughout the world.


For windows and frames fitted on skyscrapers, IPC offers a self-climbing system – the HIGHRISE– that can be put in place with standard roof rigs and managed wirelessly via remote control.


Solar panel cleaning is another new challenge for window cleaners, due to their large size and relative inaccessibility. IPC has introduced the HIGHPURE system that, just like Cleano, uses purified water, passing through 4 stages of filtration and achieving a perfect finish.


IPC has also developed a combined system featuring the cold water high pressure washer PW-C40 and the HighPure cleaning solutions. This system grants absolute bright results on outdoor windows by combining the efficacy of pure water through a high pressure machine with the comfort of a turbo lance.

The future of window cleaning

What will window cleaning businesses and window cleaning equipment look like in another 10, 20 or 30 years’ time?


At present everybody is very interested in the wider use of robots, whereas industries are already studying the introduction of drones or jetpacks that can easily fly at 1000 feet from the ground.


Technology is moving forward quite rapidly and innovation is focused in the development of cleaning systems able to overcome the planet water scarcity, and the total elimination of chemical products usage, in the full respect of nature and the future generations.