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CMS 2017: more digital, more international

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The CMS (Cleaning Management Services) Fair is known all over the world for its strategic relevance for the key actors in the cleaning sector.


This year it was held in the Berlin Messe, from 19 to 22 September and it was more international than ever, with 429 exhibitors from 24 countries (in the 2015 edition, the countries of interest were 20) over a surface of 29.000 square metres, indoor and outdoor display areas included.

Exhibitors recognized the high quality of the contacts established during the show.

Exhibitors were quite unanimous in reporting their satisfaction in participating in CMS 2017, where they could present their company’s image, promote their products, consolidate existing businesses, and acquire new leads with traders, buyers and dealers of the cleaning sector.

Attendees were enthusiast of the comprehensive outlook on the cleaning sector provided by the exhibition.

Over 93% of visitors were really pleased with business opportunities and with their meetings with manufacturers during the exhibition.


Most of them were executive managers or authorized representative managers and were coming from different sectors (services, industry, public sectors and communities etc.).


The significant increase of attendants was due to the consolidation of the exhibition’s reputation in the world: as a result it attracted more than 18.000 trade visitors from every branch of the cleaning sector, sharing information about cleaning products and services.


If compared with the 2015 edition, these figures represent an increase of more than 10%.  More than in the previous editions, this one featured high level decision-makers and qualified visitors leading, as a result, to promising new business connections.

Why in Berlin?

The CMS fair has an historical flavour because it takes place in the birthplace of building cleaning. As a matter of fact it was in Berlin that in1877 the Frenchman Marius Moussy started the first company committed to cleaning windows and facades. Some time later in 1986 Berlin staged a fair called RT Reinigungs-Technik, to be considered a very promising new start to the subsequent cleaning trade fairs on the Exhibition Grounds.


Starting in 2001, the new CMS Berlin – Cleaning.Management.Services. – took further the tradition of specialist cleaning trade fairs in Berlin.

WFSBC: Cleaning in a Digital World – Processes, People, Technology

This year CMS also hosted a congress:  the WFBSC, World Federation of Building Service Contractors, held its world meeting debating the issue of ‘Cleaning in a Digital World – Processes, People, Technology’. The conference delegates discussed about the significance and impact of the digital transition in business and society, on the commercial cleaning sector, and the future challenges the industry is going to face.


How do the new technologies and automated processes affect people?


In the era of ‘Internet of Things’, processes and tasks become more and more automated and machines do their work, collecting data for users and speeding up activities for operators. Robots, geolocation, apps for remote control… all these digital devices will be the “new thing” for the cleaning sector.

IP Gansow @ CMS Berlin

We asked to Giuseppe Mariani, managing director of IP Gansow, his impressions about the fair. This year the company sponsored a particular competition in schools that encouraged innovative ideas and training of young and talented professionals.


  • How was the Exhibition this year?

«The general feeling is that the visitors flow in 2017 was higher than in the previous edition (2015). In particular, the quality of the visits at our booth was higher than in the past as the companies were present with their owners or decision makers. Visitors from foreign countries, especially from Eastern Europe, were more motivated and determined than in the previous editions.»


  • When did IP Gansow start to attend CMS?

«IP Gansow GmbH has always attended CMS since the first edition in 2001. During the last two editions IP Gansow GmbH’s booth became bigger (for a total of 250 sqm), because our business expanded and new machines and a new range of manual tools needed to be showcased.

Visitors were particularly interested in the new products, CT46 and especially CT51 (Professional Line), the new Titan 95 (Premium Line) but also the “Black is GreenTM line of vacuums and trolleys (made from high quality recycled plastics).»


  • IP Gansow has sponsored the Jez Award (young decision makers of the future), the competition between schools that encourages young people to develop innovative strategies for the cleaning sector, whose award ceremony has been held during the CMS. How important is this sponsorship to IP Gansow and why?

«The sponsorship is an advertising medium itself, that contributes positively to the image of our organization with a relatively modest expense if compared to the advertising costs on specialized magazines. The news about JEZ Awards are treated by many and different sources of the sector, digital and not. The JEZ Award, focused on young decision makers, is also an investment for the future. Young people get in touch with us and have the chance to know our products and our company. The young curious people of today will become the new cleaning specialists of the future.»




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