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Spot-Free Window Cleaning at School in the Midwest!


A school in the Midwest had a demonstration of IPC Eagle’s HydroTube, an Ultra Pure portable window cleaning machine. They had new additions to the school that were hard to reach with no way to clean them, which led to the demonstration of the HydroTube. The HydroTube can clean up to 5 stories high, safely from the ground as the tube can produce up to 1 gallon per minute of pure water.



The pure water is created with a reverse osmosis process that removes all minerals from the water. Because of this, the Ultra Pure water leaves nothing behind, such as chemicals, that often can attract dust and dirt over time, so it can keep windows cleaner longer.



The custodians at the school really liked how easy it was to use and the staff was impressed with how clean the windows were.


To learn more about IPC Eagle’s Ultra Pure line, click here to contact our sales team for a demonstration.