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Cost-effective cleaning: matching the machine with the material

Source: Schwarz Wolf-Ruediger, “Cost-effective cleaning: matching the machine with the material”, Global Cleaning, 2016


Healthy and tasty food isn’t the only thing on the menu for today’s kitchen managers. Due to ever demanding regulations, their work revolves more and more around hygiene. At St. Franziskus Hospital in Moenchengladbach, meeting these increasingly strict standards is a matter of course. […]

André Schacht, Sales Manager with cleaning machine manufacturer IP Gansow, was again brought in to look at ways to further optimize the cleaning process. […]

For the kitchen, the choice fell on the 41 BF 57 Scrubber drier, while the scullery and corridors are cleaned using the larger 91 BF 72. As standard, both machines come with an easy-access tiltable tank system to facilitate hygienic interior cleaning and preventing microbial contamination. They use fine K320/0.6 mm grip brushes, which penetrate the recesses of the non-slip GS tiles to remove deeply ingrained dirt. The casing of both machines is made from shatter-proof ABS plastic with a galvanized frame. […]