BX12 Features

Performances improved down to the last detail.

Key features

  • Cleans stairs and upholstery with optional tools
  • 12 gallon tank capacity
  • 2-2 stage motor
  • Opens like a clam shell, allowing easy access to motor compartment
  • Sealed waterproof switches are inset at the top of the handle, ensuring safety and ease of operation
  • All motors mounted to a metal baseplate, guaranteeing longterm durability
  • All fittings - such as strain relief, quick disconnect, etc. - are fully protected, eliminating breakage during transport, storage and operation
  • High dump allows for easy emptying into a 5 gallon bucket
  • Vacuum motors are mounted upright, eliminating premature bearing failure
  • Inercooler cools the motor compartment, extending the motor life
  • Remove term: Stair climbing handle and 10- inch rar wheels for easy transport Stair climbing handle and 10- inch rear wheels for easy transport
  • 220 psi

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