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Sustainability, safety and ease of use are at the heart of the new IPC high pressure washers, the latest frontier in the hot water range.  


Provided with a new aesthetic cover design, sturdy wheels and interactive control panel, the innovative IPC professional high pressure washers stand out for their strong commitment to sustainable development and considerable operating cost savings while guaranteeing high cleaning standards. 

IPC new range of hot water high pressure washers

The new range is composed of:  

  • PW-H31: it is the most compact model in the range, ideal for daily cleaning tasks;
  • PW-H61: three-phase machine, it is equipped with the new anti-scale and detergent injection system (patent pending);
  • PW-H101: it can reach a pressure of up to 250 bar, perfect for the removal of stubborn dirt and residues;
  • PW-H101 HTM: in both high- and low-pressure modes, it keeps the water temperature at 100° C;
  • PW-H101 Automatic: it enables the machine’s performance to be adjusted automatically according to the specific cleaning requirements;
  • PW-E101: equipped with electric boiler, it’s the most appropriate solution where smoke emissions are not allowed.


It’s a revolution: IPC new hot water high pressure washers deliver excellent cleaning performance in total safety. 

IPC new hot water high pressure washers: integrated operational safety

Innovative technological devices have been integrated into the new machines, specially designed to allow the operator to perform the tasks in complete peace of mind. From the control of any micro leakages to the intelligent automatic shut-off, from the indication of the most appropriate maintenance time to the advanced control system for the maximum comfort: through the control panel, the user receives reliable information, which improves the outcome of cleaning activities putting safety first.  


Efficiency high standards by optimizing costs

Three exclusive technologies have been combined with the new range of hot water high pressure washers to bring significant savings on fuel, chemical and energy by optimizing operating costs: 


  • DIAD: this concerns the control on the direct injection of detergent and anti-scale that guarantees the exact and desired dosage, reducing detergent consumption and mechanical vibrations related to traditional systems. This new system increases the productivity and life of the pump. 
  • DTSC: outlet water temperature control device. The system keeps the water temperature at the set value, limiting fuel consumption. 
  • ECO System: this function automatically sets the water temperature at 60 ºC, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25% while increasing the working range. 

Excellence meets sustainability: eco-friendly design

IPC’s strong commitment to sustainable development is witnessed by the use of recycled plastic: up to 60% of the total plastic used is recycled plastic and up to 90% of the components is recyclable at the end of life. In addition, the machines have been designed with superior quality materials, robust and durable, to ensure a long service life. Machines are equipped with exclusive systems designed to last over time, reducing fuel consumption, energy and detergent. Among these, the FPS Flood Prevention System, aimed to shut off the machine in case of hydraulic damages, thus avoiding flooding, mechanical damages and waste of energy/ water. 

Intuitive controls easy to use: total user-machine interface

New lights and control devices in the interactive control panel facilitate the operator in the working routine. In fact, he has always under control the activities with the possibility to choose the most appropriate cleaning solution compatible with the needs.  


Compared to the Value versions, in the Plus models of the new hot water high pressure washers, the digital display confirms machine readiness to the operator who is immediately notified in case of failures and/or maintenance urgency, thus saving time troubleshooting. 


Let’s sum up:

To select the most suitable machine for your needs, please contact us, we will be happy to answer you!