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Noteworthy performances

Maintain Health & Safety


Easy to Use and Maintenance Reduce Cost to Clean
  • Easily clean under tables and in tight spaces with an adjustable handle that helps increases operator comfort
  • Simple and intuitive control panel makes machines a breeze for operators to effectively clean every day
  • Reduce energy consumption and increase up time by 20% in every day cleaning operations with Eco Select
  • Reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries with automatic scrubbers that efficiently recover water, leaving a safer, drier floor
  • Easily replace brushes without tools with Spin-On Spin-Off capability
  • Clean faster and more effectively, applying a clean solution with each pass and removing more dirt and grime than traditional mop and bucket
  • Low dBa levels allow scrubbers and sweepers to be used during the day, without causing distractions
  • SLS™ helps the machine automatically adjust its brush to any surface with a self-leveling and self-adjusting head that allows a perfect fit between the brush and floor
  • Minimize the need for multiple passes with exceptional scrubbing and sweeping and edge cleaning performance